More than a third of Mediterranean wetlands threatened

More than a third of Mediterranean wetlands threatened
More than a third of Mediterranean wetlands threatened

Nouméa woke up on Friday in “a calmer and more peaceful situation”, according to the representative of the French State in New Caledonia. However, a school and two businesses were set on fire after a fourth night of protest over electoral reform.

“The state of emergency has made it possible, for the first time since Monday, to return to a calmer and more peaceful situation in greater Nouméa, despite the fires in a school and two businesses,” indicated the High Commission of the Republic in a press release.

The night from Thursday to Friday was “marked by the arrival of reinforcements sent” from mainland France, added the same Source. The government had announced a few hours earlier the dispatch of a thousand internal security personnel, in addition to the 1,700 members of the police already on site.

The army was also deployed to “secure” the territory’s ports and airport, now under the state of emergency decreed by the government on Wednesday evening.

Measures maintained

Even if the beginnings of calm are taking shape, the State representative in the archipelago maintains “the measures prohibiting gatherings, the transport of weapons and the sale of alcohol, as well as the 6 p.m. curfew at 6:00 a.m. He also reiterates “his call for calm”.

Thursday morning, a second gendarme was killed following an “accidental shooting”, announced French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. The events took place while this soldier, a 45-year-old chief warrant officer, was leaving on a mission, according to the gendarmerie. In total, five people have died since the riots began on Monday.

The night from Wednesday to Thursday had already “been less violent” than the previous two, according to High Commissioner Louis Le Franc. But the situation on the archipelago “remains very tense, with looting, riots, fires, attacks which are obviously unbearable and unspeakable”, said French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal on Thursday afternoon (Paris time).

According to Gérald Darmanin, the police carried out numerous arrests and “ten mafia leaders” of the CCAT, the most radical independence movement, were placed under house arrest.

200 million euros in damage

The minister also denounced the interference of Azerbaijan where several Caledonian independence leaders have traveled in recent months. Baku, however, refuted any interference, deeming Paris’ accusations “unfounded”.

It was mainly the urban area of ​​Nouméa which fell prey to the violence. The riots caused damage worth 200 million euros, according to the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of New Caledonia.

It was a constitutional reform adopted by the deputies during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday which ignited the powder. This text must still be voted on by parliamentarians meeting in congress, unless an agreement on a global text between separatists and loyalists occurs first.

The voted text aims to expand the electorate in provincial elections in New Caledonia. Supporters of independence believe that this modification risks reducing their electoral weight and marginalizing “even more the indigenous Kanak people”.

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