Biden strives to remobilize the African-American electorate | TV5MONDE

Biden strives to remobilize the African-American electorate | TV5MONDE
Biden strives to remobilize the African-American electorate | TV5MONDE

Through symbolic events and interviews, Joe Biden, who according to some polls is losing ground with African-Americans, is striving this week to remobilize this decisive electorate.

The American president thus multiplies the tributes to the great struggles waged for civil rights in the United States.

On Thursday, the 81-year-old Democrat, who will face his Republican predecessor Donald Trump for a second term in November, received the families of the plaintiffs in an emblematic legal fight against school segregation, which resulted in the decision “Brown vs. Board of Education” of the Supreme Court.

In this 1954 ruling, the Court ruled that the separation of white and black students in schools violated the Constitution.

On Friday, Joe Biden will deliver a speech at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

Then he will meet representatives of the “Divine Nine”, “fraternities” and “sororities” (typical associations of American universities) founded by black students.

Finally, on Sunday, he is due to speak at the graduation ceremony at the historically black Morehouse University in Atlanta (southeast), where Martin Luther King, the great leader of the struggle for civil rights in the 1990s, studied. 1960.

The White House also announced Thursday that it had invested a total of $16 billion in the country’s hundred historically black universities since the election of Joe Biden.

“The President and I remain committed to using all available means to support historically black universities,” Vice-President Kamala Harris, herself a former student at one of these establishments, Howard, said in a statement. University.


It remains to be seen how the Democrat, a firm supporter of Israel, will be received at Morehouse, while certain ceremonies of this type have been disrupted recently by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Concerning the war in Gaza, “there is legitimate concern”, said the American president, questioned by a radio station of the African-American community in Atlanta (Georgia, southeast) about these mobilizations, adding: ” People have the right to protest, to do so peacefully.”

According to several recent polls, Joe Biden, while remaining in a clear majority among this electorate, is losing ground among black voters, particularly the youngest, in certain decisive states.

Among them Georgia, or even Wisconsin.

It is therefore no coincidence that Joe Biden also gave an interview, also broadcast on Thursday, to an African-American radio station in Milwaukee, in this state in the Great Lakes region.

He praises his social and economic actions in favor of African-Americans and criticizes his Republican opponent.

“He has literally done nothing (for the African-American community) and he wants to prevent their access to the vote,” Joe Biden said.

On Georgia radio, he declared: “Remember who Trump is. He wrongly accused the Central Park Five”, young African-Americans who were victims of a resounding miscarriage of justice, “he gave rise to conspiracy theories” surrounding the nationality of former President Barack Obama.

The mobilization of African-Americans was decisive in Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in 2020. He then won 92% of their votes, compared to 8% for his Republican opponent, according to the Pew Research institute.



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