In the news: assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

In the news: assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
In the news: assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

Horror in a divided country “, title Der Spiegel. The German daily can only note that the attempted assassination of Robert Fico comes at a time of long-standing political hatred in Slovakia. “ The victim herself contributed to the polarization », continues the newspaper.

The New York Times explains why and paints a portrait of the Slovak Prime Minister: at 59, “ Robert Fico, has played a central role in Slovak politics since the country’s independence in 1993 ». The founder of the SMER party was“ Prime minister longer than any other leader “. But above all, the newspaper notes that the international community is worried about its links with “ Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Slovakia’s southern neighbor ».

This position, in a country where pro-Russian sentiment has always been significant, worries Brussels », continues the New York Times for whom the fear of European leaders is “ that Slovakia could form a pro-Russian alliance with Victor Orban and, potentially, with Italian leader Giorgia Meloni. Enough to seriously hamper support for Ukraine within the European Union. »

Opinion shared by Claudi Pérez in the columns ofEl País. The correspondent in Brussels of the Spanish daily who assures us: “ Attacks against European politicians, such as that suffered by Robert Fico, further complicate the resolution of major continental challenges in the medium and long term. » Europe lagging behind in terms of technological revolution behind China and the United States. The Twenty-Seven are incapable of reaching an agreement on Ukraine or even Gaza.

So many subjects that we will not talk about before the European elections, observes the journalist: We will especially talk about the extent of the ultra-conservative wave, populism, the polarization which is corrupting all public opinion on the continent, the question of knowing whether the European People’s Party will conclude an agreement with the most presentable far-right. »

The personality of the shooter surprises

It was sort of everyman who shot », is surprised La Repubblica. The profile of this 71-year-old retiree raises questions. “ Former security agent by profession and poet by passion, is that of a citizen above all suspicion : no precedent, no reporting of intelligence, no reported contact with potentially suspicious characters. »

In France, Le Figaro states that Juraj Chintula even created the “ Movement against violence » in 2016. The daily quotes the son of this retiree who himself does not understand his father’s gesture: “ Sometimes he can say that he doesn’t like government policy, but this is a shock. »

But The world nevertheless emphasizes that this writer had shared texts that were profoundly hostile to migrants or Roma. The French daily also specifies that he also frequented a group of pro-Russian paramilitary militiamen, but also participated in pro-European demonstrations in recent months. It is therefore difficult to explain the gesture of the Slovak retiree.

But as we recall El País : “ No assassination attempt against a leader is harmless, especially in countries with a history as dense as Central Europe. And much less in a period as volatile as the current one. »

The Spanish daily writes these lines alongside the last photo of Archduke Francis Ferdinand before his assassination in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. A murder which plunged the old continent into the First World War.

Vladimir Putin in China, to meet Xi Jinping

Visit the big brother », title the Suddeutsche Zeitung who thinks he knows that if Vladimir Poutine And Xi Jinping will talk about their friendship, it is above all the growing economic dependence of the Russia with respect to the China which will be at the heart of the discussions.

In Portugal, Diario de Noticias notes that “ if this is the first trip abroad by the Russian president since his re-election, it is the second in less than a year ».

The 43rd between the two presidents in 12 years, adds Time. More than an alliance, it is a community of destiny “, analyzes the Swiss daily for whom“ this relationship is set to last, with the two leaders sharing the same vision of the world with the objective of transforming it. »



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