Bloody attack on a prison van: investigators on the trail of the fugitives

Bloody attack on a prison van: investigators on the trail of the fugitives
Bloody attack on a prison van: investigators on the trail of the fugitives

The hunt is also organized outside the borders, with a “red notice” issued by Interpol at the request of the French authorities to locate the fugitive, Mohamed Amra.

Shocked by the murder of two of their colleagues, the prison administration agents for their part called for the continuation on Thursday of the movement to block establishments started the day before, to “maintain pressure” on the government.

Attack on a prison van: Interpol issues a red notice for fugitive Mohamed Amra

In Caen, where the two victims of the attack on Tuesday in Eure were based, around forty staff from the day shift were gathered around 6:30 a.m. in the main courtyard of the penitentiary center around pallets, noted the AFP.

“The movement is renewed, there will be a discussion between the national and local union authorities” to discuss the continuation of the movement, the UFAP-Justice regional secretary told AFP.

The union representatives, who were received on Wednesday in Paris by the Minister of Justice, welcomed the opening of dialogue on some of their demands.

“A certain number of commitments will be made quickly” by the ministry, in particular to improve the arming of agents during transfers, and to limit these transfers by developing judicial hearings by videoconference, declared Emmanuel Baudin, secretary general of FO Justice, following the meeting with Eric Dupond-Moretti.

Fatal attack on a prison van: the secrets of the fugitive’s mother

But they demanded a written document, on which the agents will be consulted, before ceasing their actions.

At dawn on Wednesday, hundreds of prison officers blocked movements in their establishments to demand more resources, before observing a minute of silence in memory of the two officers killed the day before at the Incarville tollbooth (Eure) by a heavily armed commando.

Faced with their attackers, the agents only had “a simple Sig Sauer (a handgun, Editor’s note) against weapons of war”, was indignant Frédéric Liakhoff, FO-Justice secretary at the Caen penitentiary center, where both victims were based.

The detainee on the run, Mohamed Amra, 30, was convicted 13 times but never “for violating drug legislation”, said Paris prosecutor Laure Beccuau.

The latest conviction dates back to May 7, by the Evreux court “for a burglary” which earned him 18 months in prison. However, he was in pre-trial detention for other cases, including an indictment by the JIRS (Interregional Jurisdiction specializing in the fight against organized crime) of Marseille in a case of kidnapping and assassination by an organized gang.

Among the points of discussion between prison unions and the ministry is the possibility for agents carrying out transfers to have very rapid access to “inmate files”. Currently, “colleagues do not necessarily know who they are transporting,” noted the secretary general of FO Justice.



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