Rising waters could force Thailand to move Bangkok

The deputy director general of the government department responsible for climate change and the environment, Pavich Kesavawong, fears that the city will not be able to adapt quickly enough in view of current global warming. “I think we have already exceeded the 1.5°C increase in temperatures compared to the pre-industrial era,” he estimates.

The municipality is considering various measures, including the construction of dikes, like those used in the Netherlands. “We thought about moving,” confides Mr. Pavich, stressing that these discussions are still at the hypothesis stage and that the problem is “very complex”.

“Personally, I think it’s a good choice. So we could separate the capital, the government districts and the business districts,” he explains. “Bangkok would still be the government capital, but it would displace businesses.”

A political decision on moving the capital remains distant, but it is not without precedent in the region.

Indonesia will inaugurate its new capital Nusantara this year, which will replace polluted and sinking Jakarta as the country’s political center.

The titanic project is controversial and extremely expensive, with an estimated price of between 29.5 and 32.3 billion euros.



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