​​​​​​​“Rwanda has a memory problem” – DW – 05/15/2024

​​​​​​​“Rwanda has a memory problem” – DW – 05/15/2024
​​​​​​​“Rwanda has a memory problem” – DW – 05/15/2024

In April 1994, Jean Luc Habyarimana was 18 years old. He is the son of Juvénal Habyarimana, then president of Rwanda.

On April 6, when his father Juvénal Habyarimana’s plane was shot down, he remembers seeing the debris of the plane wash up in the garden of their residence in Kanombe.

Thirty years later, his memory remains intact.

Listen above to the interview with Jean Luc Habyarimana by Wendy Bashi

My father East left THE Morning. My mother And myself we have it seen THE Morning Before of leave. He was going to has Dar-es-Salaam has a meeting on THE Burundi. He was 8 p.m. past, between 8 p.m. And 8:30 p.m. It is At moment Or we was going out of there pool, in rising THE garden towards there House, that We have heard A noise airplane And as it was A noise of jet and that we heard him of far, I have said has my cousins : “It is on And certain that It is the plane of dad Who come. Let’s wait, that he pass above And Then we go to return In there House For We to change”.

The plane was In her phase landing And We have First of all heard THE noise of the plane Then After, We we have it preview with of the lights, has through THE trees of garden of OUR residence. It is has This moment there that We have seen first a fat ball tracing Who came of there direction of there hill of Masaka. And has This that moment, we has seen that the plane has All of following exchange of path. THE engine of the plane has exchange of diet, but we heard as a acceleration And a few seconds After, he y has had A other cut.

It is a other fat ball tracing Ultimately, THE two are proven be of the missiles Who has Also summer pulled Exactly has leave of even place that THE first shot. And This second shot has touch the plane And the plane has taken fire.

DW: YOU see SO THE latest minutes of your dad, lhas, below your eyes. IL se pass What In your head?

Personally, I had All of following Understood because that I knew that it was the plane of dad, but I didn’t arrive not has imagine myself My father die of this way. And At moment Or the plane has exploded, THE remains of the plane, of the body, are coming to run aground In OUR residence, In THE garden of OUR residence.

DW: How we lives with That After ?

It is some thing extremely difficult. That do 30 years And When I YOU THE say, I YOU say that I me remember as if it was practically yesterday.

And I think that, Also, THE do of born Never to have the opportunity of live A grief, A grief worthy of This name, That born ease not necessarily THE things.

THE issue of Rwanda, It is that he there is Also A issue memorial. I born can not cry My father has cause of the story, has cause of This Who has summer built. It is as if some people don’t have not THE right of live A grief.

We We has all ripped off THE right of power live This grief. THE do of born not power bury with dignity My father And Above all All This Who follows After, all the story Who East built around of that, concerning Who would have murdered… until go say that It is her own family even even her own women Who would have murdered. YOU imagine How far go THE cynicism?

DW: When will he possible For THE Rwandan of live together And of cohabit? This will be possible A day?

This is not not possible so much that THE FPR East there, because that THE FPR has a strategy For keep THE power. It is a policy Who East enough dangerous. Me, personally, I call that A “apartheid memorial”.

DW: What glance is this that YOU carry, YOU, on there partition that THE Zaire has plays in 1994?

I will have always this acknowledgement For THE Zaire of the time THE Congo today -Who has open his doors has of the refugees Rwandan Who were asking asylum.

Unfortunately, THE Zaire Also East fall In this situation because that mon of the actors of this tragedy Rwandan , Who is not other that THE FPR, did not have not just a strategy Who stopped to borders of Rwanda. This diet, Who East installed in Rwanda Since 1994, sow there desolation At Congo Since NOW more of twenty years.



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