The European Union tightens immigration controls

The European Union tightens immigration controls
The European Union tightens immigration controls
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“Filtering” procedure

This vast reform establishes a procedure for “screening” migrants at the borders, to identify applicants and distinguish those who have a chance of obtaining asylum from those who will be held in centers because they are intended to be returned to their country of origin. It also establishes a solidarity mechanism between the 27 member countries, with the aim of relieving Italy, Greece and Spain, where many migrants are trying their luck.

Human rights organizations and left-wing elected officials have denounced this pact for a long time, because it creates the possibility of detaining families with children. According to them, it “criminalizes” the exiles. Conversely, the far right criticizes the “weakness” of this reform.

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Processing requests from outside the EU

With the reception of more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees, the Union is facing an increase in asylum requests. It recorded 1.14 million in 2023, the highest figure since 2016. “Irregular” entries are also increasing. According to the European border guard agency Frontex, 380,000 people entered Europe illegally in 2023.

Member States have already signaled their desire to go further in the outsourcing of migration management. Italy recently reached an agreement with Albania to send migrants rescued in Italian waters there so that their asylum applications can be processed there.

Led by Denmark and the Czech Republic, several countries are preparing to sign a letter in which they plead for transferring migrants outside the European Union. The final version of this letter has not yet been made public. These new proposals will be intended for the next Commission, which will take office after the elections.

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