Pornography and flashed breasts: a live portal between Dublin and New York temporarily closed

Pornography and flashed breasts: a live portal between Dublin and New York temporarily closed
Pornography and flashed breasts: a live portal between Dublin and New York temporarily closed

Pornography, flashed body parts, photo of the Twin Towers: an experiment that aimed to connect citizens between New York, United States, and Dublin, Ireland, through a live-streamed portal had to be put on hold after inappropriate behavior.

“Portal to Hell: Live video art installation in New York and Dublin already brings out the worst in people,” headlined the New York Post on Sunday, just days after the unveiling of an installation New Yorkers to interact live with Irish people in Dublin, via video transmission without sound.

It only took a few hours before police were forced to intervene to chase away a drunk woman in Dublin, who allegedly began rubbing herself inappropriately on the 8ft gate connecting the two major cities, located more than 4,800 km away, shortly after the unveiling of the installation on Wednesday.

The artistic installation, by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys, was intended as a way to connect people from one side of the ocean to the other, and would have given rise to spontaneous choreographies, or meetings of loved ones separated by an ocean.

“There was even a successful marriage proposal. The portal provides a window to other cities and connects people and cultures in a unique way – what we see between Dublin and New York reflects a broader narrative of cultural behavior,” the City of Dublin council was quoted as saying. Dublin.

But in the days that followed, inappropriate behavior would have multiplied, while an Irishman would have exposed his naked posterior to passers-by in the Big Apple, and a second would have projected an image of the two twin towers in smoke, placing his cell phone near the camera, according to “The Guardian”.

According to images circulating on social networks, another individual would have used the same ploy to distribute pornography on the other side of the ocean, while an American Onlyfans model would have flashed her breasts.

“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two potatoes grown locally in New York,” Ava Louise reportedly told her 400,000 followers on Instagram, according to the “NY Post.”

Irishwoman Suzanne Byrne, 33, who lives near the gate in Dublin has difficulty explaining why the gate would have been placed in the area.

“They are all crazy on this street. At night, it’s like The Purge,” she sighed to the British media, citing the dystopian film franchise.

The installation would have been temporarily paused Monday evening in order to modify the operation of the portals and block this inappropriate behavior amplified via social networks.

“While we cannot control all of these actions, we are implementing some technical solutions to resolve this issue and these will be put into operation within the next 24 hours,” Dublin council said.



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