the Laprophan group enters the European market –

Laprophan, one of the pioneers of the African pharmaceutical industry, enters the European market. Led by Doctor Farid Bennis, the Moroccan group is launching Europhan, a new pharmaceutical entity operating on the Old Continent.

The announcement of this initiative, which will arise from the purchase of the Monts industrial complex in France, previously owned by the Swedish Récipharm, was made yesterday during the Choose France summit, which was held in Versailles under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron .

While being a member of the Laprophan group of companies, Europhan is established as an independent European pharmaceutical entity. It will thus benefit from operational autonomy, allowing a focus on the specificities of the European market, explains the group in a press release.

The new entity will contribute to European health sovereignty by relocating essential medicines in shortage or in tension observed since the Covid-19 period, in particular thanks to its expertise in antibiotics and injectable solutions, as well as the numerous global patents held by the group, as a pioneer of R&D in Africa, specifies the press release.

This strategic expansion illustrates our group’s commitment to innovate and provide solutions adapted to public health challenges on a global scale, thus marking with the birth of Europhan a significant presence in Europe”, underlines Doctor Farid Bennis.

The Europhan laboratory will thus rely on the accumulated expertise of the Laprophan group thanks to an extensive network, counting more than 1,000 employees, as well as subsidiaries, branches or offices in Africa, India and the United Arab Emirates, and partnerships of long-standing with world-renowned pharmaceutical laboratories.



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