WHO is recruiting for this position (May 13, 2024)

WHO is recruiting for this position (May 13, 2024)
WHO is recruiting for this position (May 13, 2024)

The World Health Organization is a agency specialized agency of the United Nations Public Health Organization created in 1948. It depends directly on the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and its headquarters is located in Pregny-Chambésy, in the canton of Geneva, in Switzerland.



The Country Support Unit (CSU) was established to provide administrative and operational support to facilitate program implementation as well as enable managers and staff to fully assume their roles and responsibilities in the environment. GSM and Business Management System (BMS), and ensuring compliance with WHO policies. Procedures, rules and regulations on all matters and transactions relating to human, administrative and financial resources in the context of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system – the global management system (GSM) and the system of Business Management.

1.Provide HR policy advisory services to managers and staff, and advise on the interpretation and application of HR policies, regulations and rules to guide management actions and decisions.

2.Coordinate the delivery of HR services within the country office; manage and supervise the HR function ensuring that the HR unit operates efficiently and effectively; strengthen the ability of the HR team to respond in a timely and professional manner to the HR needs of managers and staff members.

3. Participate and provide support to team leaders and program managers in the planning and preparation of human resource plans and budgets and manage the implementation of approved human resource plans to support normal operations of the office. countries as well as emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities in a timely manner. budgets.

4. Coordinate all job management actions, including anticipation, drafting, reviewing and updating job descriptions. create new positions and update existing positions in the HR plan and ensure that positions are classified as appropriate.

5. Manage the recruitment, selection, pre-boarding and onboarding processes of staff, consultants, special service agreements, interns, etc., through Stellis and BMS, in a transparent and competitive manner, enabling timely Source, select and place required talent.

6. Liaise with regional office and headquarters health emergency HR units in research and outreach efforts, roster management, targeted sourcing, use of backup partners, technical networks, NGOs, UNVs and FMTs to ensure rapid and efficient deployment of international staff and teams. answering machines.

7.Provide orientation and onboarding support to all new employees, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance to settle into their jobs. supervise the completion of mandatory training. Inform new employees of their benefits and rights based on their contractual status.

8. Coordinate the administration of staff and affiliate contracts, including the management of all aspects of separation formalities to ensure that separated staff members receive their final entitlements and retirement benefits in a timely manner.

9. Provide regular information and briefings to staff on changes and updates to the Organization’s policies, rules and regulations governing contractual relationships and rights.

10. Advise staff on HR services offered by GSM and BMS systems and assist them in initiating and submitting their self-service transactions to update their personal and family status to access their rights.

11. Provide guidance and ensure compliance across the office in the implementation of the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS).

12. Act as the Learning Focal Point (LFP) for the WCO by coordinating the implementation of training and staff development initiatives.

13. Attend and represent WHO as necessary at UN system HR network meetings in the country and participate in salary surveys, DSA/cost of living surveys and provide feedback to regional office and headquarters counterparts .

14. Perform all other related tasks as assigned.



Essential : Advanced university degree in strategic human resources planning and/or management, business or public administration, human resources management, law, social sciences or a related field, delivered by an accredited/recognized institution.
Desirable : Training or certification in human resources management


Essential : At least seven (7) years of relevant experience in human resources management, at the national and international level. Demonstrated experience in the operational application of human resources management policies and practices, in selection and recruitment, and in the administration of benefits and entitlements, is essential. Experience supporting emergency operations or health outbreaks
Desirable : Additional relevant experience of three (3) years, in human resources management, at the national and international level will be an advantage. Preferably in an international organization in a developing country. Experience in applying and deploying enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in HR business process management. Previous humanitarian field work experience, HR operations experience within the UN system.


• Knowledge of human resources management policies, practices and procedures and ability to apply them in the normal setting of a country office or otherwise, as well as in epidemic and emergency situations.

• Ability to identify problems, analyze and formulate appropriate opinions to submit to management, draw conclusions and recommendations.

• Commitment to implementing the goal of gender equality by ensuring the equal participation and full involvement of women and men in all aspects of work.

• Tact, discretion and proven ability to preserve confidential information.

WHO skills

Respect and promote individual and cultural differences
Moving forward in a changing environment
Create an empowering and motivating environment
Create an empowering and motivating environment

Use of language skills

Essential : Thorough knowledge of French.
Desirable : Intermediate knowledge of English.

WHO salaries for professional staff are calculated in United States dollars. Compensation for the above position includes an annual base salary starting at $77,326 (subject to mandatory withholdings for retirement and health insurance contributions, if applicable), a variable position adjustment, which reflects the cost of living in a particular duty station, and currently stands at USD 3,957 per month for the duty station listed above. Other benefits include 30 days of annual leave, allowances for dependent family members, home leave and an education allowance for dependent children.



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