Morocco: young people kidnapped in Thailand and detained in Burma after a work scam

At least 14 Moroccans are detained in Burma by armed groups after a job scam. For several days, the families of the missing have been active in asking for help from Moroccan diplomacy, which assures that it will spare no effort to provide assistance to the victims.

There are at least 14 of them, mostly young people under 30, who have disappeared for months, after responding to classified ads on the internet promising well-paid jobs in Thailand.

According to the media Moroccansthese young people all followed the same route: a flight to Malaysia, then to Thailand, before going to the town of Mae Sot, on the border with Burma.

But once there, in this area known to be a hot spot for drug trafficking in the region, many Moroccans were kidnapped and tortured before being put in custody. forced laborexplain the families who say that local Chinese militias are asking them for ransoms ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 euros for the release of their loved ones.

Towards a mobilization in Rabat on May 16

The Thai embassy in Morocco affirms for its part that an investigation has been opened on site to determine the number of people concerned, explaining that other African nationals would also be concerned.

For Moroccan families, concern is growing day by day, they explain that they want to organize a demonstration in Rabat in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in front of the Chinese embassy next Thursday, May 16.




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