Water shortage in Martinique: the South Space in turn carries out cuts

Water shortage in Martinique: the South Space in turn carries out cuts
Water shortage in Martinique: the South Space in turn carries out cuts

The Southern Area, until now protected from water cuts, is also forced to ration drinking water. Once again, the problem of managing precious liquid is more relevant than ever. The South Space depends on sources located in the north and center of Martinique.

While water supply is a major problem in Martinique to the point that users are threatening to block the Rivière Blanche water production plant in Saint Joseph, elected officials from Espace Sud announce the establishment of water supply towers. water in their communities.

The southern Caribbean of Martinique is the most affected, due to the drop in resources at the catchment of the Rivière Blanche plant.

To better understand the problem, it is important to note that the South obtains its water supply from two main factories: that of Rivière Blanche in Saint Joseph and that of the Directoire.

Currently, the SME, responsible for water production in the South, announces that the situation is precarious due to the tension on production at Rivière Blanche, forcing elected officials to set up a “solidarity sharing” between the southern municipalities .

Our water deficit is 4000 m3 per day, usually we manage to compensate with the Capot plant in Lorrain, but it also has a limited flow.

André Ferréol

Director of water for the South Space

The Lorrain plant is currently operating at a reduced capacity of 20,000 m³ per day, well below its usual maximum throughput of 28,000 m³ per day.

As a result, 24-hour outages are scheduled to save and “fairly distribute” water resources. This scenario envisaged last month is now being implemented.

The schedule of these cuts, which extends until May 15, will affect the municipalities of Trois-Ilets, Anses d’Arlet, Ducos, Rivière Salée, Rivière-Pilote, Saint-Esprit, Diamant and Sainte-Luce.

For schedule details, click HERE

For the moment, the municipalities of the South Atlantic are spared from the restrictions thanks to the power coming from the Vivé factory.

We seek to avoid water cuts because managing a disconnection would be complex“, explains André Ferréol.

However, this planning of cuts could be affected by the protest of the residents of Saint Joseph, who threaten to block the Rivière Blanche plant.

In such a context, it would become difficult for the South Area to meet its needs of 58,000 m³ per day…


Water will still be lacking in many Martinique homes this weekend



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