Rachid Raha: “I cannot understand the reason for this deep hatred of Algerian officers against Morocco”

Rachid Raha: “I cannot understand the reason for this deep hatred of Algerian officers against Morocco”
Rachid Raha: “I cannot understand the reason for this deep hatred of Algerian officers against Morocco”

President of the Amazigh World Assembly, an associative actor recognized both in Europe and in Africa, Rachid Raha reacts to the opening of a representation in Algiers of a chimerical formation called the Rif National Party.

You sent a letter to the leaders of the European Parliament and to the Belgian Prime Minister warning them against Algeria’s actions. A correspondence that you entitled “How Algeria is trying to destabilize Belgium and the European Union”. What are you basing your decision on to justify such a referral?
The letter for which I have just received acknowledgment from the relevant foreign affairs service at the level of the European Commission, I sent on March 13, 2024. It is based on the latest actions of the Algerian generals who pushed their hatred against Morocco to the point of creating what they call the Rif National Party in the heart of the capital of your EU, which is Brussels, and that they have an office in the heart of Algiers and a substantial budget. They even dared to organize an official ceremony to inaugurate the headquarters of this ghost formation in Algiers. The objective of my letter is to draw the attention of European leaders and the Belgian government to what is happening in Brussels and which is likely to have harmful repercussions on EU countries.

At what level?
Since 1975, Algeria has maintained and armed the Polisario separatists, which is nothing other than a group of terrorists, in the pay of the Algerian DRS, as described for some time now by both Western chancelleries and university research centers… As I detailed in my letter, the Algerian generals not only succeeded in hindering the union of North African states through unconditional political-military support for this separatist movement of the Polisario, but to close the land and air borders with Morocco, to create jihadist movements in the Sahel, to fuel state terrorism (which did not spare European citizens like the vile assassination of the seven French monks of Tibhirine ), and ended up going even further by creating this Riffian separatist party in Brussels on September 17, 2023! These Algerian generals, caught up in this new and dirty separatist misadventure, believe that by proceeding in this way, they will succeed in undermining the stability of the Kingdom of Morocco.

However, the EU countries must face the facts, by feeding and financing terrorist and separatist groups in northern Africa, Algiers is putting the European Union in a difficult situation, the EU can itself suffer the damage. Remember that France experienced deadly terrorist attacks in the 1990s which were the work of Algerian terrorist groups, GIA for example.

Does the stability of the Maghreb therefore have an impact on the security of the European Union?
Indeed, and I’m not telling you anything by saying that the future of the European Union and that of North Africa are closely linked. When there were waves of illegal immigration from Morocco and Algeria, the European Union was led, not to say obliged, to negotiate with the two countries to find solutions. With Morocco, it has worked quite well for the moment. If tomorrow the tension increases a notch between Morocco and Algeria, believe me that tens of thousands of Moroccans and Algerians will rush to the EU countries. Worse, Algeria, which finances terrorist groups in the Sahel and Tindouf, does not realize that these groups can carry out attacks wherever they want, in Europe and elsewhere.

When we see the attacks that Europe is experiencing, there are unfortunately always North Africans involved. This tells you that the impact is direct, the European Union would have a population of Algerian origin of around ten million people to which would be added six million of Moroccan origin. The Belgian Prime Minister also affirmed during his recent official visit to Morocco, on April 14 and 15, 2024, that Belgium would have a population of 5% of Moroccan origin!

You say in your statements that the attitude of the Algerians surprises you. For what?
This may seem naive of me, but I can assure you that I cannot understand the reason for this deep hatred of Algerian officers (and not the Algerian people) against Morocco. Especially me, who was born in Nador, I can tell you that my family had hosted Algerians who had fled their country still under the yoke of French colonialism. The families of Eastern Morocco left the doors of their homes wide open for the Algerians who were fighting for their independence. Abbas Mesaâdi, leader of the National Liberation Army, was assassinated because of his persistent refusal to lay down his arms until France left Algeria.

This is one of the points of contention between him and Mehdi Ben Barka. Mohammed V categorically refused to negotiate with France the drawing of the Moroccan-Algerian borders, saying that this will be discussed among our Maghrebi brothers once the independence of Algeria has been achieved. Despite everything the ruling junta in Algiers has done, Morocco has never acted in the same way. He could have recognized the independence of Kabylia, but he did not do so and did not provide the MAK with an office and a budget, as Algeria does with the Polisario. The Kingdom of Morocco is more respectful of its international commitments. Moreover, to stay in the case of Maghreb-EU relations, I must remind you that the first article of the Algeria-EU association agreement, signed in 2002 and entered into force in 2005, mentions “the encouragement of Maghreb integration by promoting exchanges and cooperation within the Maghreb as a whole and between it and the European Community and its Member States.

If I wrote to MEPs, it is to remind them of this article and to tell them that this country is acting at odds with its contractual commitments with Europe. At the same time, I drew their attention to the fact that Algeria, which created a small Moroccan Rif separatist group in Belgium, with branches in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, is undermining the security of these States and violates the sovereignty of Morocco seeking to amputate part of its territory. Which is contrary to paragraph 7 of Article 2 of the UN Charter which enshrines the “full and complete sovereignty of States…”

Algeria has also, according to another letter that you sent to the European Parliament, on February 12, 2024, created armed terrorist groups in Mali in particular…
The Algerian generals want to set the region ablaze, nothing more, nothing less. They armed and pushed a terrorist movement from Azawad to Mali, led by Iyad Ag Ghali, to whom, following the example of the Polisario, Algiers provides weapons and logistical support to thwart the national movement for the independence of Azawad (MNLA). Algerian military secret services were behind the creation of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), as evidenced by several academic studies and reports from Western secret services. As a result, they are directly responsible for all the murders committed, and which continue to be committed, within the Sahel countries.

These generals who command Algeria’s military secret services, known as the DRS (before changing to DGDSE), financed, advised and provided satellite information to these jihadist mercenaries in the Sahel, like Abdelmalek Droukdel, replaced upon his death by Iyad Ag Ghali of Ansar Dine and to whom they provided (and still provide) refuge on Algerian soil, otherwise they also provided candidates for AQIM and Daesh.

Do you think Algeria can take the plunge and provide weapons to the Rif National Party?
Criminals who murdered hundreds of thousands of their compatriots during the years of the Black Decade (the 1990s), we can expect anything from them. Now that they have offered premises in Algiers to the members of the PNR, they can allow them and provide everything. The problem is these mercenaries, there is no other term, who agree to play the game of the Algerian generals. And allow me to tell you that Algeria, to stage its coup, which is lame by the way, is calling on the memory of the Rifian and North African leader, Abdelkrim El Khattabi. Algerian propaganda presents the latter as a separatist, who succeeded in creating a state in the 1920s, during his anti-colonial war against France and Spain.

However, what these illegitimate Algerian officers are completely unaware of is that Abdelkrim’s socio-political revolution is at the origin of the creation of Moroccan and Algerian nationalist political movements from 1927. The late El Khattabi fought Spain and France to liberate Morocco and its objective was the reunification of the Maghreb States. This was his hobby horse during his exile in Cairo from 1946 until his death on February 6, 1963. During all these years, he never demanded the separation of the Rif from its motherland of Morocco. In addition, he had even advised his brother and his sons and daughters to return to Morocco, one of his sons had joined the Royal Armed Forces. At no time did he want to separate the Rif from the rest of Morocco.

He had advised the leaders of the FLN on how to effectively carry out their military operations against the French army. His greatest dream was for our North African States to free themselves from European colonialism and to work for the creation of the Greater Maghreb Union that our NGO, through its “Tamazgha Manifesto”, is doing everything to make a reality. , following the example of the European Union.



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