Russia launches ground offensive in Kharkiv region | War in Ukraine

Russia launched a ground offensive in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine on Friday and attempted to “break through the defense lines”, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said, saying the fighting was continuing. continued.

This area had not been the target of such attacks since the withdrawal of Kremlin troops from almost the entire Kharkiv region in the face of a Ukrainian counter-offensive in the fall of 2022.

While the scale of this new Russian operation is not yet clear, Ukraine has feared an attack in the region for weeks.

Over the past day, the enemy carried out airstrikes in the Vovchansk sectorbordering the Russian region of Belgorod, with guided aerial bombs, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said.

a.m., the enemy attempted to break through our defense lines using armored vehicles”,”text”:”Around 5 a.m., the enemy attempted to break through our defense lines using armored vehicles armored vehicles”}}”>Around 5 a.m., the enemy attempted to break through our defense lines using armored vehiclesadded this same Source, without specifying the exact location of this attack.

The ministry assured that these attacks had been pushed backbut that fights of various intensities continued and that reserve units had been deployed to strengthen the defense of the area.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a fierce battle is still in progress.


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with Kharkiv Governor Oleg Synegoubov on April 9, 2024

Photo: Reuters / Ukrainian Press Service

Russia has launched a new wave of counter-offensive actions in this directionhe said in the middle of the day during a press conference, while ensuring that his staff knew it and had responded to the enemy with fire.

The local governor, Oleg Synegubov, maintained that all offensive actions had been pushed back and there was no no loss of territory.

He nevertheless affirmed, during an interview broadcast on national television, that active fighting took place at kilometers”,”text”:”1 or 2kilometers”}}”>1 or 2 kilometers from the Russian border.

One civilian was killed and five others injured in Vovchansk during strikes during the morning, he said earlier on Telegram, adding that another civilian was killed in a strike in the northern town of Cherkaski Tychky. from Kharkiv.


Strategic area

Located in the northeast of Ukraine, the region, whose capital is Kharkiv, the country’s second city, remains a major objective for the Kremlin.

Moscow’s forces sank a kilometer into Ukrainian territory and try to move forward until ten kilometersa senior Source in the Ukrainian military command said on Friday.

Russia seeks to create a buffer to prevent Ukraine from striking the Russian region of Belgorod, which is very regularly targeted, she added.

The Kharkiv region has been very often bombed in recent months, particularly its energy infrastructure, and Ukraine has been worried for several weeks about a potential new Russian offensive in the area.

Evacuations of civilians were ordered around Vovchansk, a local official said.

The city [de Vovtchansk] is currently under massive bombardment. Residents had not seen such strikes beforehe told Ukrainian media Hromadske Radio.

According to him, the shooting has intensified since 3 a.m. in this city which has 3,000 inhabitants.

Ukrainian military channel DeepState claims on Telegram that the enemy has activated operations in the area and tries to enter the border localities of Striletcha, Krasne, Pylna, Borysivka, Gatyshche and Pletenivka.

The resources mobilized by the enemy do not currently allow deep penetrationassured this Source, estimating that the operation aimed to destabilize the border.

The weakened Ukrainian army

According to the Rybar Telegram channel, close to the Moscow army, Russian units stationed in their country carried out strikes to reduce defense capabilities Ukrainians and combat groups advances started to to clean The area.

Rybar experts estimate that the combat zone was extended to a depth of two to three kilometers in some places and that it is not, for the moment, a large-scale offensive, but rather a reconnaissance operation successfully carried out.

>>Ukrainian soldiers with precision weapons walk on a dirt road.>>

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The Ukrainian army is weakened by a lack of recruits.

Photo: The Canadian Press / AP / Libkos

Generally speaking, the Ukrainian army is struggling on the front, weakened by a lack of recruits and delays in the delivery of Western aid, which have notably emptied its ammunition stocks.

Washington validated, at the end of April, an envelope of 61 billion dollars in aid, to the great relief of kyiv, but it will be necessary to wait some time for this assistance to materialize on the battlefield.

Opposite, Russian forces claimed limited territorial gains, mainly in the east, at the cost of heavy human losses, but without achieving any real breakthroughs.

Russia, which benefits from more men, weapons and a more powerful defense industry, regained the initiative after the failure of the Ukrainian offensive in the summer of 2023.

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