May 9, 2024: Prayer for the Ascension

May 9, 2024: Prayer for the Ascension
May 9, 2024: Prayer for the Ascension

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Our feast today goes up to You, God our Father.
All our silences, our songs and our words, are stretched towards You
and participate in the praise of all creation.
You have recalled to yourself Your Son Jesus Christ through whom Your Salvation was given to us.
Today he returns to share your glory.
In this movement which carries it with Him, so that it is given
Your breath to our humanity.
Thus we enter into the mystery of your Son.
Our eyes can no longer see, but we know that his return
has already started; Its disappearance creates in us the emptiness of love,
But we know that through our love we give him back his face.
By this love we abide in Him and through him we abide in you.
He brings us together on this day and it is by his Spirit
May our communion acclaim Your glory.

Prayer taken from the book “Stay with us” by François Chagneau




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