London considers Russian attaché to be a spy and will expel him

London considers Russian attaché to be a spy and will expel him
London considers Russian attaché to be a spy and will expel him

The United Kingdom will expel the Russian defense attaché in the United Kingdom, described by London as an “undeclared military intelligence officer,” Interior Minister James Cleverly announced on Wednesday.

In a statement to Parliament devoted to “malicious activities” attributed to Russia, the head of the Home Office also announced that several Russian properties on British soil, which London suspects of having been used “for intelligence purposes”, would lose their diplomatic status.

James Cleverly also announced “new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas”, including limiting the time Russian diplomats can spend in the UK.

According to him, the measures put in place by London and its allies in recent years “already make the United Kingdom an extremely difficult place of operation for Russian intelligence services.”

“We will expel the Russian defense attaché, who is an undeclared military intelligence officer,” declared the head of the Home Office to MPs.

A defense attaché is a member of the armed forces serving in an embassy and who represents their country’s defense sector abroad.

“Our message to Russia is clear: stop this illegal war, withdraw your troops from Ukraine, stop these malicious activities,” launched James Cleverly, warning that the United Kingdom should expect “in the coming days” to “ accusations of Russophobia, conspiracy theories and hysteria from the Russian government.

At the end of April, the United Kingdom called for an “immediate end” to “malicious activities orchestrated by Russia” on its soil.

This statement came after the indictment in London of a 20-year-old British man, under the national security law, for the alleged organization of attacks against “businesses linked to Ukraine”.

Then on May 2, NATO countries said they were “deeply concerned by the malicious activities” of Russia on their soil and assured that these would not “dissuade them from continuing to support Ukraine” .



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