After the tornadoes in the USA, the storms in Quebec

After the tornadoes in the USA, the storms in Quebec
After the tornadoes in the USA, the storms in Quebec

Published on May 7, 2024 at 9:38 p.m.

The severe weather continues and Quebec could experience thunderstorms. Forecast.

Severe weather continues

This Tuesday, severe weather threatens parts of the American Midwest, including Ohio. The line of thunderstorms could even reach southern Ontario where strong gusts and large hailstones are anticipated. On this side of the border, meteorologists warn that a risk of tornadoes is present. However, the probability is estimated at 5% in the far south of the neighboring province of Quebec.

Risk of thunderstorms in Quebec

On Wednesday, the front line would move northeast to reach Quebec. For the Belle Province, the storms would not be violent. However, they could generate small hailstones and strong gusts. For southern Ontario, the risk of severe thunderstorms remains. They could produce large hail and gusts of 90 km/h.


Thunderstorms in southern Quebec

The risk of thunderstorms mainly concerns southern Quebec on Wednesday afternoon. More precisely, the route extends from Pontiac to Estrie, via the Laurentians and Mauricie. Remember that the storm season has started in La Belle Province. We record on average around a dozen days with stormy weather in May. July is the most active month with 27 days.


With the collaboration of Bertin Ossonon, meteorologist.

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