calls not to “smear” China on the Ukrainian issue

calls not to “smear” China on the Ukrainian issue
Xi Jinping calls not to “smear” China on the Ukrainian issue

China is regularly criticized by the West, led by the States, on the Ukrainian issue. Because if she calls for respect for the territorial integrity of all countries – including – she has never publicly condemned .

Beijing has also strengthened its diplomatic and economic relations with Moscow since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine in February 2022.

“We oppose using the Ukrainian crisis to shift blame to others, smear a third country and trigger a new Cold War,” said in a reference to Western criticism.

“China is neither the origin of the crisis nor a party to it. However, we do not stand by indifferently to the misfortune of others. We have played a positive role in the search for peace from the beginning,” he said. he assured.

Beijing presents itself as a neutral party and regularly calls for a political settlement to end the fighting in Ukraine.

Xi Jinping on Monday cited China’s call for peace talks and Chinese diplomat Li Hui’s 10-day tour in March to Russia, the European Union and Ukraine to help in search of consensus.

Heavily sanctioned by the West because of its offensive against Ukraine, Russia is seeking to strengthen its already very close ties with China.



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