Here are the most beautiful national parks in Europe according to a ranking

Here are the most beautiful national parks in Europe according to a ranking
Here are the most beautiful national parks in Europe according to a ranking

In a previous article, we told you about the national parks in Belgium. In Europe, too, you can find sumptuous national parks. The Lonely Planet travel guide has produced a ranking of the 20 most beautiful national parks in Europe. But then, who comes in first place?

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1. Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria

The Hohe Tauern National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in the Alps, it is located between Tyrol, Carinthia and Salzburgerland. The national park is home to the Grossglockner, Austria’s largest mountain. This mountain is very popular with climbers since each year around 4000 to 5000 climbers attempt the ascent to its summit. At the foot of the Grossglockner, you will find the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps: the Pasterze. In the surrounding area, the forests and rocky regions provide an environment conducive to the flourishing of animals and plants. If you are lucky, you will be able to observe chamois and marmots as well as birds like vultures or golden eagles. Not far away is the spectacular Krimml Falls, the highest in all of Austria. To get there, you will have to take a 4 km path. Thanks to its numerous viewpoints, you will have a magnificent panorama of the falls.

2. Jotunheimen National Park in Norway

Jotunheimen is Norway’s most visited national park. It is home to the country’s highest peaks including Galhøpiggen and Glittertind as well as waterfalls, glaciers and wild valleys. You can also see many lakes, the largest is Gjende. The characteristic turquoise color of the lake comes from the numerous glacial rivers that feed it. The national park is also known for its hiking trails. You can walk on one of the 50 marked trails. And the positive point is that there is something for all levels and for all tastes. For the more experienced, the Besseggen ridge is the hike to do. It is one of the most breathtaking in Norway but still allow 6 to 8 hours of walking, so it is not suitable for beginners.

3. The Swiss national park

The Swiss National Park is the only national park in the country. Its objective is to conserve and protect the fauna and flora. It was established in 1914 and for a century it has been working to preserve nature for tourism. In this park, you can observe animals in their wild environment such as marmots and chamois. The national park is also home to magnificent hiking trails. You can opt for the one of the Macun lakes, it extends over 21 km so allow a whole day to do it. It will take you through 23 lakes, each as spectacular as the last.

4. Oulanka National Park in Finland

Oulanka National Park is located in a little-explored region of Finland, on the Russian border. This park is perfect for visitors looking for a total disconnection. The national park has rare biodiversity in which European, Arctic and then Siberian species coexist. It is therefore favorable to the flourishing of animals such as reindeer, lynx, and even brown bears. It also has magnificent natural landscapes such as riverine forests, gorges, marshes, cliffs and rapids. The main attraction of the park is Kiutaköngäs, it is a rapid that extends over 325 m. It is easily accessible since it is only 1 km from the Oulanka visitor center. Regardless of your physical condition, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful landscape.

5. The Black Forest National Park in Germany

Located in southwest Germany, the Black Forest National Park measures 100 m2. The park offers grandiose panoramas like mountains, glacial lakes and coniferous forests. The particularity of this national park is its wild character. Indeed, for more than 100 years, certain areas have been able to evolve without receiving human intervention. This has helped protect species like the world’s fastest bird, the peregrine falcon, as well as the smallest owl, the European owl. The park is also made up of numerous hiking trails and circuits. Whether on foot or by bike, you can explore the region. We advise you to take the Black Forest road, also known as the B500, you will be able to see the famous Mummel Lake, of glacial origin.

The rest of the ranking:

6. The Ecrins National Park in France
7. Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal
8. Jostedalsbreen National Park in Norway
9. The Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti Bellunesi in Italy
10. Teide National Park in Spain
11. Hortobágy National Park in Hungary
12. Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland
13. Vikos-Aoös National Park in Greece
14. Durmitor National Park in Montenegro
15. La Maddalena National Park in Sardinia
16. Sarek National Park in Sweden
17. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
18. The Picos de Europa, Spain
19. Triglav National Park in Slovenia
20. Cairngorms National Park in Scotland

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