Saskia Bricmont, head of the Ecolo list: “The European Union must be able to collect taxes”

To finance the investments necessary, in particular, for the ecological transition, the head of the Ecolo list lists a series of possible revenues: tax on millionaires, on kerosene, on financial transactions, etc.

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Véronique Lamquin

Deputy Head of the International Division

By Véronique Lamquin

Published on 7/05/2024 at 06:00
Reading time: 6 min

Saskia Bricmont has the difficult task of succeeding Philippe Lamberts at the head of the Ecolo list for the European ballot. Credited in 2019 with 57,261 votes, she hopes, with her running mate Olivier De Schutter, to keep the party’s two seats.

We must establish a much more participatory, deliberative system of democracy

What are Ecolo’s three priorities for the next legislature?

The first is to amplify the European Green Deal, to make it a green and social deal.

What does amplify mean?

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