Moscow summons French ambassador and denounces Paris’ “provocative” policy

Moscow summons French ambassador and denounces Paris’ “provocative” policy
Moscow summons French ambassador and denounces Paris’ “provocative” policy

Moscow judges that the “destructive and provocative line of Paris” only “leads to an escalation of the conflict”.

Russia summoned the French ambassador to Moscow on Monday to denounce Paris’ “provocative” policy regarding the conflict in Ukraine, after French President Emmanuel Macron again raised the possibility of sending Western troops there.

“Due to the increasingly bellicose declarations of the French authorities and the receipt of information indicating a growing involvement of France in the conflict around Ukraine (…) the French ambassador Pierre Lévy was summoned,” Russian diplomacy said in a statement.

“The Russian side presented its principled assessment of the destructive and provocative line of Paris, which leads to an escalation of the conflict,” she added.

“Irresponsible statements” that are “doomed to failure”

According to this Source, “the attempts of the French authorities to create a sort of ‘strategic ambiguity’ for Russia, with their irresponsible statements on the possible sending of Western contingents to Ukraine, are doomed to failure.”

“The objectives and missions of the special military operation (in Ukraine) will be achieved,” the statement concluded.

In an interview with the weekly The Economist, published Thursday, Emmanuel Macron assumed his position on the possible sending of troops to Ukraine.

“If the Russians were to break through the front lines, if there was a Ukrainian request – which is not the case today – we should legitimately ask ourselves the question,” said the French president.

He created controversy at the end of February by asserting that the sending of Western armed forces to Ukrainian soil should not “be excluded” in the future. Most European countries, as well as the United States, clearly stood out, although some have since taken a step in its direction.

Russia announced on Monday the upcoming holding of nuclear exercises near Ukraine, in reaction to “threats” made by Western leaders. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov clarified that it was “the intention to send armed contingents to Ukraine, that is to say, to place NATO soldiers facing the ‘Russian army’.

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