Rare situation: extreme risk of destructive tornadoes

Rare situation: extreme risk of destructive tornadoes
Rare situation: extreme risk of destructive tornadoes

Published on May 6, 2024 at 6:47 p.m.

A first for over a year in this region. Forecast.

Tornado chasing

Meteorologist Nicolas Lessard is on site and shows a tornado forming.

Extreme risk

The situation became explosive in tornado alley on Monday. April and May are fertile times for severe weather in this region and across the Midwestern United States. The interplay of air masses and important ingredients come together to cause severe thunderstorms and a high risk of tornadoes. In fact, this Monday, the threat reached an extreme level in Kansas and Oklahoma. This is the first time since March 31, 2023 that this severe weather risk level has been issued.

Explosive situation

An extreme risk of severe thunderstorms is accompanied by a very high probability of tornadoes. It is estimated at 30% by the American Weather Service. Even if this figure seems unlikely, it is considered very high.


All the ingredients

It is the presence of a cold front which is at the origin of this high risk of violent weather. In fact, this front could lift all the available energy powered by a warm, humid air mass. This moisture from the Gulf of Mexico serves as fuel for the meeting of the two air masses. The situation could deteriorate this Monday evening.


The risk moves north

On Tuesday, the threat of severe weather moves northward. Sectors of the American Midwest will be ones to watch, particularly certain regions of Ohio. A lower risk was even issued for far southern Ontario. The frontal zone is located in a northeast direction and could generate violent thunderstorms and tornadoes.


With the collaboration of Bertin Ossonon, meteorologist.

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