The Democrats, already in control in the House of Representatives?

The Democrats, already in control in the House of Representatives?
The Democrats, already in control in the House of Representatives?

The show 60 Minutes of CBS devoted a report Sunday evening to the leader of the minority in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, who could well become in January 2025 the first African-American to occupy the role of president of this important American legislative assembly. In the meantime, Jeffries argues that Democrats are already in control of the House, where Republicans officially became the majority thanks to the 2022 midterm elections.

“Even though we are in the minority, we have effectively governed as if we are in the majority because we continue to provide the majority of votes necessary to get things done,” the New York Democratic representative told reporter Nora O’ Donnell. “These are just the facts. »

Kevin McCarthy can attest to this, who lost his job after reaching a deal with the Democrats to avoid plunging his country into default and a financial crisis. Ditto for his successor, Mike Johnson, who put his position on the line twice rather than once by making a pact with the Democrats, the first time to avoid a paralysis of the federal government and the second to ensure new military aid to Ukraine additional.

Not to mention that Democrats have promised to save Mike Johnson’s skin this week if Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene follows through on her threat to call for a vote to impeach him.

Perhaps never has a House Minority Leader been as effective and influential as Jeffries. This is largely due to the chaos and division created by the extremists of the Republican group. But it also reflects the political talent of the man who has already been nicknamed the “Barack Obama of Brooklyn”.

Jeffries sees immigration and abortion as two of the most important issues that will determine the outcome of the November vote.

“We have a broken immigration system and clear challenges at the border that we must confront in a decisive, bipartisan manner,” he told 60 Minutes. “The American people are crying out for us to do something about the situation at the border, while respecting our values. »

On abortion, he added: “Extreme MAGA Republicans have started the erosion of reproductive freedom. We will fight for her with everything we have at our disposal. If Roe v. Wade can fall, everything can fall. Social security may fall. Health insurance may fall. The right to vote may fall. And God help us, democracy itself may fall. »

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