Road rage cases: two separate spaghetti attacks in one week

Road rage cases: two separate spaghetti attacks in one week
Road rage cases: two separate spaghetti attacks in one week

A Florida man in his 40s, who reportedly struggled to contain his frustration in front of a vehicle with its headlights too dazzling, was arrested Thursday after venting his rage in a pasta attack directed at the other driver.

Nolan Goins, 46, would have been accused of a simple misdemeanor for having apparently thrown a dish of “pasta with sauce” from the passenger side window of his vehicle, directly hitting the driver of the car next to him, whose window was open, “The Independent” reported Tuesday.

St. Petersburg police have reason to believe that the attack, which took place around 9 p.m., could have been caused by “glaring headlights,” the affidavit said, according to the British media.

For his part, the victim was reportedly hit in the arm, legs and torso, but did not suffer any injury during the incident.

The forty-year-old was arrested in the hours that followed with a sauce stain on his right sleeve, according to the arrest report, before being transported to the Pinellas County jail.

Surprisingly, this would be the second incident in which a dish of pasta with sauce served as an outlet for a road rage episode in just one week.

Indeed, the previous week in Indianapolis, Indiana, a shaking, spaghetti-covered pregnant woman reportedly contacted local police after being attacked by another angry driver.

Visibly furious at having almost caused a collision, the woman behind the wheel allegedly tailed the pregnant woman until she parked at an intersection, before getting out of her vehicle to pour the plate of pasta on her by the side. Open window.

Then, when the victim tried to open a dialogue by getting out of her vehicle to exchange insurance information, she allegedly pointed a gun in the direction of the pregnant woman, according to “The Independent”.

The furious driver was arrested later in the day, but denied using a firearm, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.



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