Ophélie (Married at First Sight) confides her first doubts about her story with Raphaël

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On July 4, Ophélie and Raphaël made their relationship official. However, a travel project already organized by the vanlifer could well jeopardize their story. Ophélie confides in us about their future long-distance relationship.

Fans of Married at first sight were recently surprised by some unexpected news: Ophélie and Raphaël, united with Loïc and Ludivine respectively in the eighth season, are now a couple. In an exclusive interview with Purebreak, Ophélie opens up about this budding relationship and the challenges they will have to face, including an imminent separation of several months. If a beautiful love story is born before our eyes between Ophélie and Raphaël, it is about to be turned upside down. Indeed, in “three or four months”, The young woman will undertake a trip to the other side of the world, to Australia. This information has not escaped Internet users, who wonder how the two lovers will manage the distance.

Ophelia (Married at first sight) : “With me, it’s no hassle”

Contacted by PurebreakOphélie explained that her romance with Raphaël really began a month ago. Before that, they were simply getting to know each other. Their first discussion took place at the beginning of May, during the broadcast of the show, initiated by Raphaël who contacted her for a trivial question. Gradually, they realized that they got along well and shared many things in common. However, the two lovebirds do not intend to put pressure on each other. We can’t talk about joint projects yet. It’s still too early. We like each other, a lot even, but no concrete projects. That’s exactly what I like about Raph too, is that he accepts my way of life, a little day by day. With me, it’s no hassle, if it works so much the better, if it doesn’t work, it’s because it shouldn’t work. Here, we try, and we’ll both see if it works”, she said.

Ophelia and Raphael do not “no plan on the comet”

Despite their mutual attachment, a major challenge awaits them since Ophélie has long planned a trip to Australia lasting several months. We’re going to try it remotely, we’ll see how it works. It’s not certain that it will work, but we’re going to give ourselves the means in any case. We’ll see when I get back. We really don’t want to worry, we live the present moments as we want to live them, but without making any big plans,” she said. To overcome this ordeal, the couple is counting on regular communication and planned reunions. “We will call each other and do video chats regularly. When I return, I am leaving for a winter season in the mountains, and Raphaël has no problem with that. He even offered to come and see me regularly while teleworking. It’s far from easy, but it’s a great test for our relationship. If we can make it through the four months in Australia, it will bode well for the future.”concluded Ophelia.

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