Raphaël and Ophélie (“Married at First Sight”) open up about their love story

Raphaël and Ophélie (“Married at First Sight”) open up about their love story
Raphaël and Ophélie (“Married at First Sight”) open up about their love story

Raphael and Ophelia in Bordeaux.

The young couple seems to be in perfect love since their recent official announcement on social networks. It was on the occasion of their first romantic vacation that they answered questions from Internet users.

A little love in this brutal world. The two candidates of the eighth season of “Married at First Sight”, Raphael et Ophelia seem to be having the perfect love affair. Since their official announcement on social media this Thursday, July 4, the couple has not hidden anything and is enjoying their first vacation in Lacanau in Les Landes. And as their romantic week draws to a close, they took part in a Q&A with their Instagram users.

And if the subjects of the circumstances of their meeting, their first date or their compatibility fascinate their community, one question panics them. Is the future of their relationship called into question by the announcement of the young woman’s upcoming departure to the other side of the world? Playing the game of transparency, Ophélie and Raphaël wanted to answer it.

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“We’ll make do”

“I’m still going to Australia. It was a project that was planned before we met so I’m not going to cancel it.”explains the young blonde before giving more details. “I’m leaving for three to four months and we’ll meet up afterwards.” At his side, the young man from Bordeaux adds his point of view on the question. “Well, it was planned so I’m not going to interfere in his plans like that.”he emphasizes. Before continuing: “We’ll do it. It will be a few months and then the fact of announcing before her departure that we are together also shows a form of commitment to say that even if she leaves and we will be far away, we are still together”.

The purpose of this official announcement on social networks was in no way for the “buzz” as some people suspect. “When we saw each other, if we went out in public, we had to hide […] And after a while, we didn’t want to hide anymore. We wanted to choose our moment, the way we wanted to announce it and not have it come out in a photo sent.” One thing is certain, the young couple say they are “in love”.




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