Hanaa Elah (Large Families) explains why she never sells clothes

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After having started sorting and tidying the whole family’s cupboards, Hanaa Elah, revealed in the show Large families: life in XXLexplained why she prefers not to sell the clothes that she and her children no longer wear.

Hanaa Elah is one of the new faces that has joined the docu-reality Large families: life in XXL during the eighth season. Viewers immediately became attached to the members of the tribe. In addition, fans of the TF1 program were moved by the story of the mother, who went through a real obstacle course to realize her dream of becoming a mother. Moreover, in the last episodes of the show, the young woman announced that she had started the process of becoming a mother once again.The baby project is launched! We are off to launch the protocol, all that is treatment, injections… For me, today, it is normal to experience things like this. Making a baby is like that. We start the treatments. If I don’t have treatment, I don’t have a baby”she confided.

Hanaa Elah (Large families) reveals one of his habits

Friday, July 5, it was time for sorting and tidying at the Elahs. Indeed, Hanaa tackled the whole family’s cupboards. However, the young woman was slowed down in her project, due to severe pain “in the lower abdomen“. “Damn PCOS !” she said. Before specifying: “Mr. Elah took care of it for me.“A few hours later, the young woman recovered and took care of her twins’ wardrobe. Between two folds, Hanaa let her subscribers know that she did not “never do Vinted“. Before revealing the reason: “I give away everything that my mother and sister don’t take. It’s the same for my children’s clothes: I don’t sell them. I leave everything that is in good condition to Secours Islamique, which is very close to my home.

Hanaa Elah (Large families) treats himself to a stay at the seaside with his tribe

When she’s not talking about her health issues or revealing her daily life tips, Hanaa Elah documents her family outings and activities. Recently, and with the appearance of the sun, the tribe left the Paris region to treat themselves to a trip to the sea. It was in Étretat, in Normandy, that Hanaa and Irshad took their children. The mother also published a vlog on Instagram of this unforgettable day that wowed Internet users.It makes me want to go there!“, “We love this kind of vlog“, “You are wonderful“, “What a wonderful family!“, we could read in the comments.

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