a remark by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine causes discomfort …

a remark by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine causes discomfort …
a remark by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine causes discomfort …

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine apologized on the set of her show this Wednesday, July 3. The host made a remark that was very noticeable and caused a slight discomfort.

French political news has been in the spotlight for several weeks. On June 9, Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly. Enough to surprise political figures but also the French.
Following the first round of the legislative elections, the National Rally came out on top with 29% of the vote. In his show C to YouAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine discusses current events. The host also mentioned what is happening in the United States.

A candidate for re-election, Joe Biden’s health is a major concern for Americans. Aged 81, he is particularly criticized for his advanced age. Enough to make Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and the columnists react this Wednesday, July 3. “Donald Trump has a six-point lead, according to a poll,” explains Patrick Cohen. For his part, Corentin Sellin immediately spoke up: “We felt it this weekend, especially among the big donors… They give money to campaigns on safe investments,” he recalled before continuing:
“If Joe Biden comes across as damaged goods, they will definitely strongly advise him to step down.”

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: a very surprised presenter

Corentin Sellin apologizes for using the term “damaged product,” specifying that these are the correct words. He then adds: “Without a big donor, he can’t win”. For her part, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine immediately wants to return to this part. “Under pressure from donors then. That’s American policy.”she said. Faced with the great silence on the set, the host apologized, declaring: “I am not surprised, I regret it, sorry.”

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then returned to the show, discussing the next topic which concerns the Olympic flame.

This is not the first time that
Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is uncomfortable
on the set of his show. She can also count on the presence of guests who are sometimes determined to give her a hard time. This is the case this Tuesday, July 2, with Gad Elmaleh. She wanted to show her guests a dubbing sequence from this animated film, in which we can see Audrey Lamy and Gad Elmaleh dubbing their characters.Ah, it’s over?!” she asked once the video was over before adding: “Oh yeah, I thought we were going to see the whole film!” To which Gad Elmaleh affirmed: And you, you have to chain yourself normally! “. Enough to provoke hilarity from the host and the columnists.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: a presenter who has a string of embarrassing moments

For several years, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has been at the head of the show C to You. The host is particularly appreciated for her embarrassing moments. On June 5, it was the singer Lio who was the guest of the program. In 1979, she became known thanks to the song Banana Split
and this title was taken over by Apple in one of its advertising campaigns promoting a banana yellow iPhone.
Enough to make Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine react, who, after all these years, has understood the meaning of the words.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine couldn’t believe it.
“That is to say, they did their own research. They had to be convinced that yes, of course, it’s a song about fellatio,” the singer began. Lio, however, clarified that she wanted to reassure them by stating:
“It’s not that obvious and there are plenty of kids who have danced to it without going crazy.” For her part, Anne-Elisabeth declares: “I didn’t know that,” confides the host, a little embarrassed. “I really thought you were a fan of banana splits, ice cream, whatever.” she said.



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