Pascal claims Jennifer killed his parents, and he smothers his kitten! The summary of episode 127 of Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Pascal claims Jennifer killed his parents, and he smothers his kitten! The summary of episode 127 of Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Pascal claims Jennifer killed his parents, and he smothers his kitten! The summary of episode 127 of Wednesday, July 3, 2024

In the episode of Life is more beautiful, even more beautiful from Wednesday July 3, 2024 – available in streaming – after spending a bad night at Pascal’s, Jennifer hears the elephant nursery rhyme in the apartment. While her former colleague denies hearing anything – even though he was the one who started the song – the young woman begins to doubt her sanity. Playing on both sides, Pascal tries to restore his host’s confidence by encouraging her to take care of the kitten she brought with her.

More beautiful life in advance: Samuel desperately searches for Jennifer

At the police station, Samuel explains to Ariane that he has not heard from his now ex-girlfriend and that she is not in any of the hotels in the area. Assuming that the fake Jennifer has changed her identity again, the investigator confides to his colleague that she stole a powerful anesthetic from the doctor’s office, a fact that he did not have the heart to report. Because he has also contacted all the hospitals in the city and he fears that Jennifer will use this product to harm herself, Samuel is anxious. Ariane, who has had the young woman’s phone blocked, discovers that she has not left the area. Samuel realizes that he still cares a lot for Jennifer even though he has no idea of ​​her real identity.
At the doctor’s office, the two police officers question Gabriel and then Pascal. While the latter tells them that he wished Jennifer good luck for the future, after learning that she was fired, he says he saw her leave for the old port. Since Samuel can’t reach his ex, Gabriel tries. The secretary’s phone rings and everyone realizes that she left him at work.

More beautiful life ahead: Pascal claims Jennifer killed his parents!

Back home, Pascal finds a peaceful Jennifer who thinks she made a mistake by leaving Samuel. The nurse then makes her believe that her ex, convinced that she tried to commit suicide, came to get her at the office to have her committed to a psychiatric hospital. He adds that Gabriel and Ariane were in concert with him. After dinner, Pascal asks Jennifer if her parents really died in a car accident. Surprised, the young woman refuses to believe that she confided in her colleague about her past. Drugged again, she hears Pascal tell her that he too lost his parents, but she faints before he calls her Ambre and says that he will never be able to forget that it was she who killed them. Pascal then takes advantage of Jennifer’s sleep to suffocate the kitten she is taking care of.
At the Mistral, Samuel laments his fate, anxious at the idea of ​​having definitively lost the one he loves. Supported by Thomas, who confirms that he too likes the young woman, the policeman decides to no longer limit himself to the hotels in the area but to go around all those in Marseille.

More beautiful life in advance: Babeth proves to Patrick that he is still as lively as ever

Patrick can’t get over getting old. After a little joke from Babeth, he puts his Calimero costume back on and starts to self-flagellate. He who sees himself as “an old rag” doesn’t understand what his wife sees in him. To cheer him up and prove to him that he’s on the wrong track, Babeth fakes an emergency while Patrick is at work in order to time his running time. In just 3m25, the policeman leaves the police station and goes home to find his wife who points out that he’s not even out of breath. The lovers take the opportunity to share an intimate moment. Worried about his friends, Jean-Paul arrives at their house and surprises the lovers in the middle of lovemaking. Savoring the discomfort, Boher stays a few minutes before going back to work.

More beautiful life ahead: Zoé and Morgane multiply the tense exchanges

Zoé may have applied of her own free will to work at the Mistral all summer, but her hiring doesn’t thrill her for a second. While Killian has just told her that the most important thing is to remain polite and courteous in all circumstances, Ariane’s daughter intervenes in a private exchange between Jules and Morgane. While she takes Jules’ side who wants to pay the bill despite his student status, the policewoman puts her in her place and decides to pay. When it’s time to pay the bill, Morgane realizes that she has misplaced her wallet. Jules pays and after they leave, Zoé takes her client’s property out of her pocket.
At the Massalia residence, Zoé finds Morgane to return her wallet. After joking about the fact that she used her key to go home, the young woman provokes Morgane and the exchange stops abruptly.



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