Alice and Florian (Married at First Sight) announce several upcoming changes in their relationship

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During a live organized this Monday, July 1st on Instagram, Alice and Florian, revealed in the eighth season of Married at first sighthave made several announcements regarding their future together, including their currently pending move in.

Among the ten couples formed thanks to the show Married at first sight This season, only two couples are still together more than six months after the filming of the M6 ​​romance program. Besides Tracy and Flo, Alice and Florian are still happily married, despite the few obstacles that these two candidates have had to overcome. The manager of a perfumery and the builder in the building must face the distance that separates them, one living in Charente Maritime, the other on the Gironde estuary.

Florian (Married at first sight) expresses his desire to move in with Alice

In order to overcome this lack, could the lovers consider moving in under the same roof? This is the question that came up most often during the live they organized this Monday, July 1st on Florian’s Instagram account. The latter then explains: “We’ve been talking about it for a while. At the time, we were a bit in the thick of things with the broadcast, our respective jobs and everything that goes with it. The idea is to really take the time during the holidays and to succeed in making a decision in order to know what we are doing at the end of the at the end of summer.” Alice is also considering quitting her job in view of her schedule and moving in with her husband.

Alice (Married at first sight) discusses her professional dilemma which prevents her from settling down with Florian

The 31-year-old manager says about her professional situation: We are a little bothered on that side. today. Many could have kept their jobs and simply taken their baccalaureate [le bateau permettant de relier les deux départements où ils résident, ndlr]like we do, except that there are still schedules. Personally, the schedules don’t work with my job.”The lovebirds therefore live out of sync, as the thirty-year-old laments: She often does the closings so there is no ferry at that time, and in the morning I [pars] rather early and it’s the same, it doesn’t matchsaid the man who hopes to reach a satisfactory compromise within two months. That’s whywe manage to see each other one or two days a week, on weekends.. And that’s a little bit complicated, that’s why we have to make a decision before the end of the summer.”

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