Plot, casting, filming in Brittany… The first information on the new TF1 series with Nolwenn Leroy

Plot, casting, filming in Brittany… The first information on the new TF1 series with Nolwenn Leroy
Plot, casting, filming in Brittany… The first information on the new TF1 series with Nolwenn Leroy

Written by Isabelle Polin, Thomas Boullé, Eric Delafosse, directed by Bruno Garcia and produced by Les Films du Printemps, Shine Fiction (Banijay), Be-FILMS and RTBF, Brocéliande will undoubtedly be one of the back-to-school TV events. It is also the first fiction with the singer Nolwenn Leroy in the main role after experience in Captain Marleau on France 2 alongside Corinne Masiero. On Monday, June 17, TF1 unveiled the first images on its social networks, as well as live on air in front of more than 11 million viewers during France’s first match at Euro 2024.

Brocéliande : broadcast in 2024 on TF1

“We are very happy to reveal to you the first images of the series Brocéliande with Nolwenn Leroy. A fiction shot in Brittany, which is close to our hearts and which we can’t wait to present to you! Shortly“, announced the channel in the caption of the trailer. Presumably, the series will be offered at the start of the 2024 school year, once the Olympic and Paralympic Games broadcast on France Télévisions have passed. We should know the broadcast date on TF1 around the end of August.

Brocéliande : Where to watch the new series with Nolwenn Leroy?

After a first broadcast last June in Belgium on the La Une channel, the series presented at the Canneséries Festival will be entirely broadcast in France on the TF1 channel. All episodes of Brocéliande will also be available on the TF1+ platform.

Brocéliande: Which actors will be present in the new TF1 series? Full cast revealed

Brocéliande, the new TF1 series, has an ensemble cast. Viewers will be able to find in the casting:

  • Nolwenn Leroy in the role of Fanny Legoff
  • Marie-Anne Chazel in the role of Chantal Legoff
  • Thomas Jouannet in the role of Patrick Kermabon
  • Catherine Marchal in the role of Armelle Kermabon
  • Arnaud Binard in the role of Maxence Guivarch
  • Medi Sadoun in the role of Julien Rousseau
  • Leonie Simaga in the role of Pauline Diawara
  • Lorant German in the role of Yann Robic
  • Matthieu Rozé in the role of Charles Prigent
  • Rebecca Benhamour in the role of young Fanny Legoff

Brocéliande : Who is Rebecca Benhamour for Nolwenn Leroy in the new TF1 series?

On April 6, Rebecca Benhamour, the interpreter of Célia Gissac in Here it all begins, revealed exclusively on Télé-Loisirs that she was going to star in Brocéliande : “I will play the character of young Nolwenn Leroy. I was always told I looked like him. That’s crazy ! Two hours before the casting, I was told this again in the metro. It was a sign, that’s for sure. I’ve never filmed with the director Bruno Garcia, I’m super impatient. There is Catherine Marchal who was in Here it all begins Also. She’s an important friend to me.” Rebecca Benhamour and the winner of season 2 of Star Academy iBoth play Fanny Legoff. One, fifteen years ago, and the other, currently.

Brocéliande : What is the plot of the new TF1 series with Nolwenn Leroy?

After leaving the Brocéliande university during her studies following the disappearance of her best friend Laura, a disappearance for which she had been suspected, Fanny Legoff, a recognized and admired biologist, has lived for more than fifteen years in Paris. When she receives a package containing a billhook covered in dried blood and a letter accusing her once again of being responsible for Laura’s disappearance, she decides to return to her native Brittany. While participating in a seminar at the Brocéliande biology faculty, Fanny finds the Brocéliande Forest. But shortly after her arrival, one of her students disappears in the same way as Laura… And once again, Fanny is the last person to have seen them alive.

Brocéliande : How many episodes does the new TF1 series with Nolwenn Leroy have?

Brocéliande is what we call a mini-series. The story is told in 6 episodes of 52 minutes each. If we follow the logic put in place by TF1 for the broadcasts of this type of series, the six episodes should be broadcast over three evenings on the first channel.

Brocéliande: Where and when did the filming of the new TF1 series take place?

The filming of Brocéliande took place from April 26, 2023. It lasted 65 days and ended in early August last year. This detective story set against a backdrop of magic and Arthurian legend was filmed entirely in Brittany in the towns of Paimpont, Rennes, Beignon and Bourgbarré. Places full of history that viewers should quickly recognize – and appreciate for their true value.



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