“Secret Story”: which candidate wins season 12?

“Secret Story”: which candidate wins season 12?
“Secret Story”: which candidate wins season 12?

It’s been eight weeks since aficionados of Secret Story were waiting to know who would be able to win this season 12, which marked the big return of the show on TF1. At the end of these weeks of games, betrayals and eliminations, four residents were still running : the fraternal twins Lou and Léo, Maxence and Alexis.

This June 18, after a final bonus which looked back on the entire season, it was time for the verdict. Shortly after 1:30 a.m., Christophe Beaugrand finally announced the big winner of this new season. With 49% of the votes, Alexis wins this twelfth edition..

105,313 euros for the candidate

Facing Alexis, Lou finished in a very close second place with 41% of the votes. Much further, Léo finished on the third step of the podium with 7% of the votes. As for Maxence, he finished this adventure in fourth place, having collected only 3% of the votes.

Alexis leaves with the 100,000 euros from the victory, as well as 5,313 euros, the amount of his prize pool blocked a few days ago. He assured that this money would be used to pay his father for the car of his dreams.

The other candidates can also console themselves with a nice accumulated sum. Léo leaves with 15,870 euros, when Lou returns home with 11,500 euros. Unfortunately for Maxence, the penalty is double since his prize pool was zero euros.

“Secret Story”: Alexis, the victory of a strategist

With popularity fluctuating during the adventure, Alexis won this edition. At the start of the season, the young man repeatedly betrayed some of his allies, attracting the wrath of certain Internet users.

But his rapprochement with Zoé, as well as the revelation of his secret thanks to the latter, succeeded in making him gain popularity. The candidate moved viewers thanks to his secret, “I was abandoned in a train station at the age of 4”. A revelation that allowed him to break the ice and indulge in more emotions.

The professional footballer had also managed to find the secret of his very close friend Zoé (“I participated in Miss Universe”), strengthening ties with her even further. The two then circled each other for several weeks, until the Belgian was eliminated a few days ago. A departure which greatly saddened Alexis.

But during her surprise return for an evening dedicated to the finalists, Zoé admitted it: she is ready for a relationship with him. But for that he had to wait until he was released. Now it’s done. And with victory as a bonus.



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