why Netflix allowed itself to delete the last Featherington sister and how it affected the story

By Alicia S.

– Published on May 26, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.

Netflix’s version of the Bridgerton Chronicles suggests the existence of one of the Featherington sisters… We explain to you why the series took such a direction!

The famous series The Bridgerton Chronicles is inspired by the equally famous literary saga of Julia Quinn. However, Netflix has not scrupulously respected the books on which the fiction is inspired. Indeed, if most of the adventures which animate the television show are faithful to the romantic plot, Netflix still took certain liberties. In fact, the series even completely erased one of the Featherington sisters. So what are the reasons for this and was it a good idea?

Felicity Featherington: the forgotten character of the Bridgerton Chronicles

In Julia Quinn’s work, Portia Featherington has not three, but four daughters: Prudence, Philipa, the fiery Penelope, Prudence and Felicity. By the time season 3 of The Bridgerton Chronicles takes place, the youngest must be twelve years old, just like Hyacinth Bridgerton. The two children are also linked by a deep friendship. In the original version, the youngest Featherington did not begin looking for a husband until 1824. Prudence and Philipa were then already married. That same year, the young girl set her sights on a certain Geoffrey Albansdale. This choice also represents a real demonstration of independence for Felicity. Indeed, her mother would have preferred that she favor another suitor. So why can’t we find any trace of this character in the version offered by Netflix?

Why did the Bridgerton Chronicles remove this character from its storyline?

Asked about this, the production explained that it made this choice in a concern for coherence of the story. The narrative should be focused on the Bridgerton family. Thus, it would be a question of avoiding dispersing, and perhaps even losing spectators, by developing too many second-rate characters. Indeed, the series already develops the story of eight Bridgerton children, as well as that of three Featherington ladies. The production team would therefore have judged that a fourth Featherington was a superfluous development. However, this explanation leaves some gray areas. In fact, Jess Brownell admits that it was above all her friendship with Penelope that caused Felicity’s disappearance.

The absence of this character greatly impacts the story of Colin and Penelope

The least we can say is that Colin and Penelope’s romance is quite complex. And this has been since the very first episode of the series. However, the presence of Felicity would have further complicated this plot. We will explain everything to you. As in the series, the novels see Colin return to England when no one expected it. However, in this fourth opus by Julia Quinn, this return coincides with Felicity’s debut in society. Immediately, Portia undertakes to marry her youngest daughter to Colin. The twelve years of age difference between the young people does not trouble the Baroness in the least. But while Felicity admits that she will never feel any romantic feelings for her fiancé, the latter realizes that he is madly in love with Penelope. However, this turnaround does not prevent the mother from persisting in her plan to unite her youngest daughter with Colin. In light of these explanations, the reason for Felicity’s disappearance is obvious. Above all, it is about removing a major obstacle to the love story that Colin and Penelope will experience. Felicity’s presence would have weighed on the story. Thus, Netflix’s decision has only one goal: to allow viewers to fully enjoy this season 3!



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