Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1694 of Monday May 27, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1694 of Monday May 27, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV
Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1694 of Monday May 27, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… Soraya takes advantage of an invitation to put her plan into action. Sara and Roxane pay the price for their motorcycle trip. Sylvain makes a double-edged proposition to Bruno.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read on.

Monday May 27 in Tomorrow Belongs to Us…

Soraya continues to be wary of Grégory

The day before, Soraya went with Victoire to Inès, Grégory’s ex-girlfriend, and realized that she had been absent since Monday.

At the office, Soraya talks about it to Gabriel who still remains reserved. At the same time, Inès calls Soraya who had tried to contact her by message on social networks. She explains that she was traveling for work. Soraya questions him about Grégory, especially trying to find out if he is a violent man. Inès retorts that this is not the case, adding that she broke her wrist while jogging. She then asks Soraya to leave her alone, then hangs up. Raphaëlle, who heard the conversation, continues to support Soraya, unlike Gabriel who does not believe her stories.

Soraya then sends a message to Victoire to inform her of her conversation with Inès. At that time, Victoire is at Spoon with Noor who is complaining about her sister’s reaction to her relationship with Grégory. Noor decides to make them meet so that Soraya realizes that he is a good guy.

Leaving the Spoon, Noor calls her sister to suggest that she come and have an aperitif at Grégory’s that same evening. While Soraya claims to be tired because of work, Gabriel steals her phone to confirm their presence. After hanging up, he encourages Soraya to have a good evening and to be reassured once and for all about Grégory.

For her part, Noor goes to her Grégory once she has finished her shift at the hospital. Grégory hopes that officially meeting Soraya will allow him to calm down. Indeed, he reveals to Noor that Inès called him to tell him that Soraya had contacted him because she suspected him of being a violent man. Despite everything, Grégory wants to keep the aperitif going and prove to Soraya that he has nothing to reproach himself for.

A little later, Grégory gets ready in his bathroom. Discreetly, he fills a medicine box with black latex gloves, anesthetics and a tissue, then locks the box.

In the evening, during the aperitif, Grégory is very friendly towards his guests. There is also something in common with Gabriel: their passion for video games. Uncomfortable, Soraya pretends to need to go to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, the young woman searches the room and discovers the closed medicine box. While searching for the key, Soraya discovers a trash bag in the dirty laundry basket. When she opens it, she discovers a sweatshirt stained with blood. In a panic, Soraya calls Victoire to ask her what to do. At the same time, Grégory enters the bathroom, asking Soraya if she needs help…

Bruno plans to take over the hut

At breakfast, Bruno notices that the Morenos seem annoyed. In fact, they explain to him that they will have to reopen the hut. But that’s not their thing. At the time, it was Charlie who took care of it. Bruno then immediately offers to manage it.

He goes to the Spoon to talk to Nathan about it and ask him to help him. If her son encourages her, Mona completely demotivates him. She emphasizes that being the manager of a straw hut is incompatible with being an alcoholic. She adds that Bruno does not have professional skills as a manager.

At the Mas, however, Bruno talks about his project to Alex, fearing that the latter will be angry with him for letting go. But Alex considers it a great opportunity for his friend. At the same time, Agnès comes to pick up her order of oysters. Bruno takes the opportunity to tell him that he is going to manage the hut. Agnès is admiring because she realizes all the work and all the responsibilities that it entails.

Discouraged, Bruno returns to the Spoon to tell Sylvain that he has changed his mind about the hut: all things considered, he does not feel capable of managing it. Sylvain doesn’t blame him. In the meantime, he wonders if he is going to sell the hut. At the end of the counter, Charles overhears their conversation.

At the winery, Charles repeats what he heard to Victor. He thinks the hut could bring them big profits. Upon learning that it belongs to the Morenos, Victor knows in advance that they will never agree to sell it to him. So, he tasks Charles with taking care of the negotiations.

Roxane and Sara are exhausted

At the police station, Roxane and Sara are exhausted. They didn’t sleep all night because Enora was completely out of rhythm because of George who made her take too long a nap the day before.

Later, Georges comes to see them to bring them the cuddly toy that Enora had forgotten at home. He says he loved taking care of it, especially since it had a magical effect on Lucien who finally slept through his first night.

During the day, Sara finds it increasingly difficult to stay awake. While Nordine confides in her about her problems with Manon, she can’t help but fall asleep.

As they are about to leave work, Roxane and Sara receive a call from the nursery informing them that Enora has taken a four-hour nap. In order to avoid a second sleepless night, Roxane and Sara decide to entrust their daughter to Georges.



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