big news for the final on TF1, which is modeled on… the “Star Academy”

The five finalists will perform a completely new song, live on TF1.

Published on 05/24/2024 at 10:25
By Xavier Verheyden


This Saturday evening, TF1 is offering the grand finale of season 13 of “The Voice”. Gabriel Lobao at Mika, Alphonse at Zazie, Baptiste Sartoria at Vianney, Iris at Bigflo & Oli and Shanys at Camille Lellouche hope to win, live.

Viewers will face several surprises, including the participations of Loreen, Lara Fabian, Soprano, Marc Lavoine and even Nemo, the last Eurovision winner for Switzerland.


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Another nice surprise: original songs that the five talents will perform. As revealed by Fabian Randanne, journalist for 20 Minutes, the two “super-finalists” will sing their title during the final round of voting. The other three will have the opportunity to perform it during the after-party. A dynamic reminiscent of that set up in the “Star Academy”. The four finalists had the chance to win a first single, once they left the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys.

Gabriel Lobao will sing “Dans ton regard”, written by Daisy, who participated in “Ceux qu’on été” by Pierre Garnier. Iris will perform “L’orage” and Alphonse will sing “À tous les coups”. Baptiste Sartoria was lucky enough to receive the title “My dream” from his coach, Vianney. Shanys will have the title “It’s not normal”, thought up in particular by her coach, Camille Lellouche.

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