Top Chef, the hidden brigade (M6) – The adventure ends for Bryan: “There is an element of disappointment”

Top Chef, the hidden brigade (M6) – The adventure ends for Bryan: “There is an element of disappointment”
Top Chef, the hidden brigade (M6) – The adventure ends for Bryan: “There is an element of disappointment”

What is your assessment following your time in the Hidden Brigade?

Bryan: My assessment is that it went really well. I’m still disappointed to have to leave the show because I felt really good with chef Pierre Gagnaire. I also felt a lot of disappointment from him. I think he really wanted me to continue and that he really liked me.

You come across the pavlova test. Does baking inspire you in general?

Yes, baking is something that inspires me. Afterwards I’m a cook so I like making cook’s pastries (laughs), that is to say not necessarily making operas or that sort of thing. For the Pavlova, it seems to me that I was confused at the time because I no longer knew what it was before it came back to me. What was really hot was that when I thought about it, cooking a meringue in an hour is tough. I thought about it and decided on this nitrogen meringue.

Did you have any doubts during the test?

No, it was at the end of the ordeal that I understood that the meringue, from the moment I put it down and the time they came to taste it, was a bad sign. In fact, meringue is an instant meringue. After a minute, I don’t want to say that it’s too late for it to be tasted, but it took a few minutes for them to arrive, for them to talk, etc. I counted 3-4 minutes and I knew it was a bad sign…

Do you consider that you took too many risks by choosing such cooking?

No, I have no regrets about having used this technique, except that I adapted poorly to the circumstances of the competition, from this point of view. But at least I was me until the end, I took risks and I showed who I was. My goal in this competition was not to absolutely win. Otherwise, I would have made an ultra-thin meringue tile that I would have put in the oven, etc. Throughout the competition, I didn’t try to make sure I won. I tried to make the best version of myself and go with my personality, with my know-how. I didn’t want to be someone else. And in that, I in no way regret my journey, nor the fact, for example, on this test, of having used liquid nitrogen to make my meringue.

When Pierre Gagnaire opens the door, you understand that it is the end. Disappointed I guess?

There is an element of disappointment in that, as I said, I felt very, very good with Pierre Gagnaire. And then I was still eliminated from Top Chef before being able to team up with one of the chefs whose finding Pierre Gagnaire, it’s as if it was him who had managed me. He liked me, I called him ‘Sir’ and he called me ‘Pirate’. There was a nice relationship and in that, I had the impression of having found the mentor I needed for the rest of the competition. So yes, there was a little disappointment in that I felt good with him and that meant it was already over…

Pierre Gagnaire seemed touched by your departure, did you talk off camera?

Yes, off camera, we discussed it. In fact, he was really disgusted. He said something like, “What the hell did you do?” And even François-Régis Gaudry told me that Pierre Gagnaire was really disgusted by the fact that I was not able to do well. I have the impression of having felt more disappointments than when I left. of the general competition. The chef told me that I was a really good guy and when I told him: “I also did top chef to find out if I had the right to be a cook”, he replied: ‘ But you are made to be a cook! You have to continue with this.” His words have had a real resonance with me since that moment.

Have you finally found the recognition you came to seek?

Yes, there is a feeling of validation but I still have work to do throughout my career. It’s a bit as if I said to myself: “Ok now you have the baccalaureate, go study” (laughs). It’s a very long road to the end of my career. It’s only just getting started but at least now it’s launched. It’s up to me to keep pushing and pushing hard to continue to evolve (laughs).



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