Julie Le Breton will play the lead role in this intriguing new series

The Quebec public will have the pleasure of finding Julie Le Breton in a brand new series, as we learn this Wednesday, May 22 that she will play the title role in the dramatic comedy The return of Anna Brodeur.

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In addition to Julie Le Breton, the show, which will arrive on Crave in the fall, will also be able to count on the presence of other talented actors, including Benoit McGinnis, Élise Guilbault, Patrick Hivon, Rebecca Vachon, Vlad Alexis, Jessica Larsen, Arielle Mailloux, Clémence Lavallée and Gregory Beaudinwhose names will appear in the credits.

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Here is the synopsis:

“After a ten-year voluntary exile in Paris, Anna Brodeur (Julie Le Breton) returns to Quebec in exceptional circumstances. His return causes a tidal wave among those close to him. Neither her mother Monique (Élise Guilbault) who had almost come to forget the existence of her only daughter, nor her best friend Patrick (Benoit McGinnis), director of a public relations agency, nor her ex, Antoine (Patrick Hivon ), didn’t know where she was hiding. After all these years of silence, Anna discovers that reconnecting with her somewhat twisted entourage and rebuilding her life is not as simple as she had hoped.

It is Richard Blaimertto whom we owe, among other things, Cerebrum, New Address and Hubert and Fannywho will pen the texts for this novelty which will combine comedy and drama.

The ten 60-minute episodes of The return of Anna Brodeur will be dropped off on Crave this fall.

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