Romain (Married at First Sight 2024) contacted Clémence after telling her “no” to the ceremony

Romain (Married at First Sight 2024) contacted Clémence after telling her “no” to the ceremony
Romain (Married at First Sight 2024) contacted Clémence after telling her “no” to the ceremony

Married at first sight experienced an event during the tenth episode of the eighth season of the program. From its launch, the show’s credits suggested that a couple would not unite. This Monday, May 20, at the end of a suspense orchestrated by the montage, viewers were finally able to find out which couple would not put the ring on their finger. It was Romain who, after having experienced a complicated journey in the program (Camille, whom he was to marry, abandoned the show a few weeks before the wedding) finally said “no” to Clémence in front of the officiant. He agreed to answer questions from Tele-Leisure in order to better understand what happened.

I always projected myself on a yes“: Romain explains what happened to Clémence in Married at first sight 2024

Tele-Leisure : Before Clémence’s arrival, you were almost paralyzed: those around you didn’t recognize you. Is this the situation that destabilized you?
I’m not necessarily paralyzed: before Clémence arrives, I talk with her family and my loved ones.

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What happened when Clémence arrived?
Clémence is a very pretty, elegant woman. She seemed kind and caring but I felt no attraction to her.. This little inexplicable thing. I quickly know that I am going to tell him “no”. What worries me then is how to tell her so as not to rush her too much, knowing that there isn’t really a good way to do it. Furthermore, I had to answer his questions while ideas were flying around in my head. That’s what paralyzed meclearly.

You say you quickly know you’re going to tell him “no”…
Yes, I know it in the first minutes of conversation. It’s almost instantaneous because I know how I work. I’m 40 years old, so I’ve had a few relationships before! Some will tell me that if they didn’t work, perhaps we should question ourselves. But I stayed with the mother of my children for eight years, it was a success. And among those that didn’t work, there were stories in which I was not attracted and it never worked. At my age, I still have a little experience and I know myself well.

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Was it important for you to speak with Clémence before your response to the officiant?
Very ! I didn’t want to say no to her in front of everyone and I wanted her to understand the reasons. I didn’t want her to be confused. For me, everything is understandable, as long as it is justified. So therefore, I wanted to clearly explain to him why I was going to say “no” and don’t let it be too brutal for her.

Before the big day, was “no” possible for you?
I always projected myself on a “yes”
. The objective of my participation is to meet someone with whom to build my life, to share a family life. I knew “no” was an option because the production of Married at first sight is very clear on this. I knew I was capable of doing it, but I didn’t plan on it.

During the exchange you have with Clémence, she listens very well. Could this have made you hesitate about your choice?
Yes, she listens very well, but no, it didn’t make me waver because I was sure of myself and my feelings.

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“I know I made the right decision” : Does Romain regret not having married Clémence in Married at first sight ?

Clémence’s father comes to talk to you afterwards. Have other people close to Clémence spoken with you?
His father’s words confirm my choice. He thanks me for being honest with her and not taking her for an idiot by giving her hope. A friend of his dad also came to talk to me to tell me the same thing. At that moment, I was a little on edge and I was emotional so I let go of a little tear. It was an overflow and a highlight.

Are you still in contact with Clémence?
For the little story, I sent him a message on Instagram afterwards to thank her for her kindness and for reacting in such a dignified manner. This was close to my heart. She didn’t answer me.

Isn’t it too difficult for you to watch the show today?
It is complicated. When I watch, it takes me back to these difficult times, I’m not very well, so I might as well free myself from that. This evening, for example, I didn’t watch the show: I had seen it beforehand, but I had planned a sports session when it was broadcast.

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Looking back, how do you view this decision?
This difficult half hour, because it was difficult to say “no” we will not hide it, it nevertheless saved us several difficult days. Even if we had continued, we would have had a match that was perhaps friendly, but not romantic. When I look back on my decision, I honestly think that if I had to do it again now, I would do exactly the same thing. I know I made the right decision.

Did you talk to your children about your approach and how did they react to your return?
In agreement with their mother, I didn’t tell them about it. They are 4 and 8 years old. On the other hand, I just told the oldest that I was on TV, but I didn’t tell him why. I told him that if he had any questions or was asked questions at school, he should not hesitate, we would discuss them. He shouldn’t have any embarrassment about that. So far, he hasn’t asked me any questions, but if he needs to talk to me, he knows he can.

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