Lize (The Voice) eliminated at the gates of the final: “I was extremely stressed”

Lize (The Voice) eliminated at the gates of the final: “I was extremely stressed”
Lize (The Voice) eliminated at the gates of the final: “I was extremely stressed”

Télé 7 Jours: What is your history with music?

Liz: My grandfather taught me the violin when I was seven years old. With him, I performed on stage from the age of 13. It was only much later that I started singing on stage. When I turned 18, I joined a traveling company. I lived in a trailer and did shows for quite a few years in a big top. At the same time, I played in two groups with whom I played a lot in the street. During the pandemic, I decided to put an end to this lifestyle which was precarious, to devote myself to French song in my project Lize with my own compositions which I shared on social networks.

Do you know where your unique singing style comes from?

I have been told several times that I sing like a violin might, especially in the way I manage my vibrato. I think that playing the violin for a long time before I started singing influenced my way of singing covers without me realizing it!

The four coaches turned around during your blind audition…

Really, I didn’t expect it and it’s not false modesty. Before passing, we told ourselves with the other candidates that if there was only one coach who turned around, it was already crazy. I never think too big so as not to be disappointed, so I hadn’t considered this scenario.

Why did you choose to join Zazie?

I chose it for its musical niche. I find her very free in her way of writing. I find that she represents indie artists, a little weird and atypical. And because she’s a woman! Women artists need successful female role models, who have charisma and who go through the years while remaining in the game. I think it’s my feminist side speaking! (Laughs) The coaching went really well. In a short time, she manages to get something across, to find what needs to be worked on. This woman is a scanner! It’s really effective.

You have received a lot of support from Internet users…

I was very surprised and very touched by the support I received. We’re scared, we wonder if we’re going to be loved because we’re suddenly exposed. But I don’t have any hate messages, I’m very happy.

How did you experience the semi-final?

It’s funny, because I was extremely stressed, much more than the two previous events. I don’t know why, it wasn’t even the fear of not going to the final. My internal weather was not optimal that day! Besides, I don’t remember my performance! I don’t remember anything, not even the feedback from the coaches. When I was eliminated, there was inevitably a mini-disappointment. When you have gone through all the stages, you are surprised not to go to the next one! We’re not used to it. But I wasn’t sad. That’s the game, you have to be humble. Alphonse deserved it and I trust in my lucky star, I’m a little superstitious. I wasn’t afraid for the future, I’ve been working there since I was 18.

How did you get along with Alphonse?

GOOD ! Afterwards, we were unable to establish a connection because he is very modest, very reserved. But it’s not big deal ! We’re not fucking the same, that’s all. You can feel it in his way of performing, he’s an incredible performer. There was support and real mutual respect. Within the Zazie team, I was very close to Clément Massy and Morpho.

What have you been doing in the last few months since filming ended?

I’m preparing the sequel, there are projects in progress. I released a single called Silence, which was released on all platforms and for which I released a music video. I wrote a lot of songs, I worked a lot for the stage. I did concerts in Paris, Reims and Marseille. I was also taken into the FAIR support program, through which Eddy de Pretto and Pomme passed, for example. With the FAIR winners, we have a concrete premiere at the Café de la danse in Paris on June 24. I will also be in concert in Lyon on June 14 supporting Léopoldine HH and in Royan on August 9 with Clément Massy.

What has The Voice brought you?

The show gives us confidence in ourselves and gives us artistic credibility in the eyes of other professionals. We learn a lot of things like how to manage stage fright, we have great technical support from the vocal coaches behind the scenes… It’s crazy! The way I write songs is changing because there are things I didn’t know how to do before. And above all it is a huge springboard for my compositions and my concerts to come.

Who do you think will win this season 13?

I think Gabriel has his chances, but Alphonse can spring a surprise. I feel like he’s the crowd’s favorite.



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