“Mask Singer” 2024: Which star is behind The Hand? Here are all the clues!

“Mask Singer” 2024: Which star is behind The Hand? Here are all the clues!
“Mask Singer” 2024: Which star is behind The Hand? Here are all the clues!

It’s a bit like “the thing” of the Adams family in the series “Wednesday”. Friday May 10 during the last bonus of “Mask Singer on TF1, viewers were able to discover a brand new very original costume: The Hand. A “Frankstein hand” style costume covered in scars, but whose identity left the jury , composed of Laurent Ruquier, Kev Adams, Inès Reg and Chantal Ladesou, totally perplexed.

A great French singer, or… Philippe Croizon

During his first performance, La Main, or “the hand” in the words of Laurent Ruquier, performed the title “Le monde est stone” originally sung by Fabienne Thibeault in the musical comedy “Starmania”. Behind her, on a screen, a shadow magician artist accompanied the song with impressive Chinese shadows If the performance of the shadows slightly distracted the jury, the quartet still noted “the beautiful voice“of the personality hiding from the costume of the hand.”We feel that she is a great French singer“, remarked Inès Reg.

It’s not an easy song to sing and she did it very well.“, also underlined Kev Adams, while Laurent Ruquier expressed some doubts about the longevity of La Main’s career. “I think it is Mélody Gardot “. Singer-songwriter, she was hit by a car in 2003, and speaks French very well. “I think it’s someone who suffered a serious accident. It could be Philippe Croizon too“launched Laurent Ruquier again. “No he has more hands” replied Chantal Ladesou. “Well exactly!“, replied the host. “I don’t think Philippe Croizon sings like that” added the actress, before Kev Adams came to close the debate: “Honestly, a guy who doesn’t have hands, you tell him his suit is a hand, it’s an asshole thing“.

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Indeed, in its presentation sport, the voice-over of the show suggested that The Hand would have been the victim of a traumatic experience: “I wasn’t sure she wanted to come party after everything she’d been through. But ‘The show must go on’, as they say in America!” Another clue from his portrait: “You have to know how to take the hand that is extended, whether it is that of a big boss or that of the small screen“, the voice-over said again.

But it’s also a woman’s voice, isn’t it?” asked Inès Reg. The question chosen by the jury was therefore “are you a singer?“. Response from The Hand: “yes I am a singer“, therefore raising doubts about her profession. During the predictions, Chantal Ladesou joined her colleague from “Grosses Têtes” and bet on Melody Gardot, while Inès Reg thought it was Véronique Sanson. to Kev Adams, a little lost, he threw out a name at random “French singer” blown by Chantal: Olivia Ruiz. Later in the evening, La Main performed “When I see your eyes” by Denis Brillant. But for the moment, the jury, who has not discovered his identity, is leaving it alone. bites fingers.

Card on targets for TF1

Last Friday, episode 2 of season 6 of “Mask Singer” allowed TF1 to place itself in second position in the audiences. Presented by Camille Combal, the show entertained 3.14 million viewerseither 18% of the public and 30.6% des FRDA-50 from 9:13 p.m. to 10:22 p.m. The second part of the show, offered from 10:31 p.m. to 11:38 p.m., captured the attention of 2.91 million viewers (22.8% of the public and 35.5% of FRDA). Excellent target scores for the private channel.

A week earlier, the launch of season 6 had convinced 3.12 million viewerseither 17.2% of the public and 32.6% of FRDA-50 from 9:13 p.m. to 10:28 p.m. The second part of the show, offered from 10:36 p.m. to 11:49 p.m.had held in suspense 3.08 million viewers (24.7% of the public and 39.5% FRDA).



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