Eurovision had a surprising influence on Pornhub

This Sunday, May 11, the Eurovision final crowned Switzerland as the great champion of the year. Despite a complicated political context against a backdrop of political boycott, the evening ultimately seems to have attracted music lovers from all over the world. As is often the case, the event was also an opportunity for Pornhub to recontextualize its audiences.

France prefers Eurovision to porn

On a European scale, the countries involved in the competition generally fervently followed their favorite candidates. Switzerland, the big winner of the competition, recorded a drop in traffic of almost 14% on Pornhub at the time of its televised appearance. Arriving in fifth position, France recorded only one decrease of 12.6% compared to statistics recorded last month at the same time. Of all the participating countries, Greece was the most diligent.

The country, which came in sixth position in the ranking, recorded a drop in attendance of 27.6% on Pornhub during the grand finale. In the ranking of the least invested countries, the United Kingdom takes the prize. In addition to coming last in the competition, the British only recorded a 3% drop in audience on the adult site. No reason to change their habits.

After the final, the stats explode

All evening, Sweden was particularly diligent in the competition. Pornhub sees a slight drop in its global traffic from the start of the evening, with a peak reached at the time of the verdict, between 11 p.m. and midnight. The most interesting figure, however, remains the significant peak of activity recorded on the platform just after the end of the program, a little before one in the morning. After turning off their televisions, viewers visibly turned to their favorite pornographic videos. France thus recorded a slight increase, with +4% compared to the annual average, while Croatia won the prize for the largest difference: +51% of traffic between midnight and one a.m., from -30% at +21%.

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