Stories of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes

“Powerful work!

No author, no publisher, no barcode, a green, intriguing cover. Free nature and a delicate human trace, without nominative incarnation, is “Histoires de la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes”. 21 stories in 368 pages of text, numerous photos and beautiful offset printing.

Beyond the codified activist ecosystem, the great repeated causes, the sociological interpretation or the collective romance, this collection is a light. A gaping crack in the intentional narratives that we have already been given about this place (the ZAD) and this period (roughly 2007-2018). This is about acknowledging receipt of moments experienced, emotions felt, stories of protagonists. Remember that this place was a refuge, an inhabited divergence, a beach of fulfillment where everyone found their place, respected. This is a factual restitution, without romance, without idyll, without out-of-ground interpretations. The raw experience, from best to worst. We engrave what the origin of the movement was: a convergence of heterogeneous profiles, gathered around a call for occupation by local inhabitants who were joining in resistance.

A few dozen people, very different, converging, caught up in injustice and the refusal to abandon, united by a visceral respect and an energy without a master. The painful and endless debates, the enjoyable regressive happiness, the violence, the encounters, the intensity of the moment.

Before the self-proclaimed spokespeople, before the knowing sociologists, before political recovery, before legalist normalization, a moment of history, a moment of stories.

A collection deliberately removed from the homogeneous narrative thread which would like to show, to make one believe in an enlightened and united unit, in an organized and tidy combat: the stories of 21 people occupying the area over a more or less long stay and who have well-intentioned, and above all successful, in reviving memories and reopening wounds to restore.

Battle of the story. »

“Stories of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes”

Approximately A5 format


368 pages

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This presentation of the book was written by a member of Monéko, the local currency of Nantes and the surrounding area.

We offer it to you above in echo of the file “Arriving at the ZAD and deconstructing, testimonies, views, discoveries of a first stay, learning. Practical advice and the fight for dates” published in the magazine Passerelle Éco n°59

Passerelle Eco Review n°59 for winter 2016

Following the state of emergency which limits the action of environmental activists, Passerelle Eco has chosen to partly devote this issue to the fight to protect the environment, through (…)



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