What are Fanny Britt’s essential books?

What are Fanny Britt’s essential books?
What are Fanny Britt’s essential books?

After Making the sugars, Fanny Britt has been back in bookstores since May 1 with Les Maisons (Flammarion). In this new novel, the Quebec author, playwright and translator tells the story of Tessa, a former classical singer converted into a real estate broker in Montreal. She lives there with Jim, a man who cherishes her and her three children. But one day, the young woman will meet Francis again, her childhood sweetheart; a chance encounter that will push her to revisit a badly buried past.

It was on the occasion of the release of this new novel full of emotion and humor that Fanny Britt agreed to return for The Pathfinder on the books that shaped her as an author, but above all marked her as a reader.

What is the book that had the most impact on you in your life?

I have to answer Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë. No other book stimulated my love of literature, my desire to write, and my desire for independence than this one. It also inspired my graphic novel Jane, the fox and mein which I was able to express all the admiration that I still have for this unique character.

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The one you like to give?

Chickweedby Marie-Hélène Voyer, a current Quebec poet, whose chiseled and ample writing captures with great simplicity the destiny imposed on generations of women in Quebec, especially in rural areas.

The one who talks best about love?

Who better described the pain of loving and the absolute of desire than Emily Brontë in The Wuthering Heights ? I’ve been coming back to it constantly since I was a teenager.

The one that obsesses you?

Kamouraska, by Anne Hébert. It is prodigious writing, a story shot through with a fever that grips you and leaves traces for a long time.

The one that makes you laugh the most?

I will never tire of Riad Sattouf’s books, with a particular fondness for The Secret Life of Young Peoplebecause it was the first one I read from him.

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The one who makes you cry?

The Maytrees, by Annie Dillard, an immense American writer whose discreet career is inversely proportional to her mastery of narrative. In this intimate fiction, she retraces the life of an ordinary couple from Cape Cod, and we come away shaken like after the greatest tragedies.

The one that makes you blush?

Around 12 or 13 years old, the discovery of The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera was my sentimental education… for better and for worse. I would have liked to be a Sabine, I was much more of a Teresa.

The one that bothers you?

You’ll love what you killedKevin Lambert’s first novel, shocked me with its violence, but dazzled me with its lucidity and the virtuosity of its language.

The one who speaks best about family?

I love the way Alain Farah painted the portrait of his excessive and almost mythological family, with its failings and its clumsy love, in A Thousand Secrets, A Thousand Dangers.

Which one is ideal for the holidays?

All books can be read on vacation. But if you are looking for well-crafted stories, coupled with writing full of humor and skillful in describing a certain American reality, I cannot recommend enough all the books by Laurie Colwin, a New York novelist who left too early, who gave us left incisive and melancholy books on the couple, the family and the search for oneself, like Frank and Billy Or A wonderful life. The novelist Emma Straub is undoubtedly the most obvious heir, with radiant novels like Tomorrow, same time And Modern Lovers.



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