Le Havre. Mélody turns the page of her story and shares the story of her anorexia

Le Havre. Mélody turns the page of her story and shares the story of her anorexia
Le Havre. Mélody turns the page of her story and shares the story of her anorexia


Marie Lemaistre

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May 16, 2024 at 6:56 a.m.

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It is on social networks that Mélody Lunel confided for the first time. That she recounted several years ago how, at the age when one enters adolescence, she gradually fell intoanorexia nervosa. An illness which has long shamed the one who spent her entire life in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) and retains “some after-effects” today.

“It was taboo to talk about it, even in my family,” the 26-year-old content creator told reporters. 60,000 subscribers on Instagram. “Having good feedback is what helped me to come to terms with it and regain my self-confidence. »

Co-writing a book on anorexia nervosa

In And if Justine hadn’t been therea work co-written with his mother, published April 19, 2024 to the editions 3 columns, the young woman says more about this obsession with weight loss, and especially how she got through it, with a two and a half month hospitalization. And so much the better if, in the process, it eliminates certain clichés in the triggering of this multifactorial disease.

As a child, she described herself as “joyful”, without any problems, in her family. But she does not escape certain traumas. “ I was forced to finish my plate in the canteen of my nursery school, she remembers, even speaking of “mistreatment”. “They locked me in a closet, so as not to disgust the others, because I often vomited, and by the time I calmed down too, because I was crying. My parents found out later, from other parents. I never really talked to them about it. »

However, his weight remained “normal” until middle school. “Apart from the fact that I didn’t want to eat too much in the canteen, I was a happy child. » Invisible to others, the shift in her life takes place around the start of the sixth grade.

“Summer goes by and I see a photo of myself in a swimsuit,” she remembers perfectly. And for the first time, the image of I don’t like my body. I think I’m ‘chubby’. I decide to be careful. » Initially, his parents were quite happy with this sudden takeover. “They thought it was good that I ate healthier, that I snacked less,” she admits. Until its quantities are dangerously reduced.

A change at the start of the 5th year

At the end of the year, his condition deteriorated considerably. “The least energy I had, I spent trying to burn what I had eaten, rewinds the one who is then in absolute control of herself. I was already followed at the teenage center in Le Havre. But no one really diagnoses anorexia nervosa. I was very manipulative. It is also an aspect of the disease. I tried to make everyone believe that I was fine. »

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Her parents are worried, however, they even call on a magnetizer, laughs the young woman full of life today. The moments at the table, widely apprehended, are also “ ultra conflicting“. “What alerted my parents was that they sometimes found food hidden in napkins and table drawers. All means were good to hide what I wasn’t eating,” explains the entrepreneur.

Socially, she ends up completely isolating herself. “I no longer went out with my girlfriends. And in order not to think about hunger, I drowned myself in classes. »

In one year, she lost around twenty kilos. “I remember that in the middle of August, I wore 2-3 tights with me, because I was terribly cold all the time,” she gives as an example. I could see that my condition was deteriorating but I still saw myself as too fat. »

What if Justine hadn’t been there?

The whole heart of the work revolves around the intervention of this famous Justine. This will lead to his hospitalization, two weeks after the start of the fifth year in a specialized adolescent psychiatry unit, in Rouen. She weighs 24 kilos. His liver and his heart are showing signs of fatigue. “We didn’t know if I was going to make it,” admits the influencer.

An experience that marks the one who is the youngest in her unit. “The others are all 16-18 years old.” Some alternate between hospitalizations and relapses. She herself experiences her confinement as a prison. However, this step will allow him to recover. “It also triggered a realization, I stopped fighting,” describes the young woman who still continued monitoring until she was 16.

Having “done that” at this time in his life slowed his growth. “I’m 1.58 m tall and I only got my period when I was 18, I also had to take different treatments. » But the one who believes she got through it is convinced: sharing her experience and that of her parents “who felt very guilty” can help other families and at least raise awareness of the disease beyond social networks. For Mélody Lunel, in any case, there is no question of making it anything other than a strength today.

And if Justine hadn’t been there, testimony on anorexia, by Mélody Lunel at Éditions les 3 Colonnes 116 pages, 13 euros. Available in all bookstores in France to order and all online platforms. Also available in Belgium and Switzerland

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