the daring and surprising revelations of Salomé, “I saw her…

By Aurélie H

– Published on May 15, 2024 at 9:33 p.m.

Salomé, who participated in Temptation Island, made revelations about a sequence shown on TV. A moment that shocked the young woman.

During the last season of Temptation Island on W9, Salomé stood out from her comrades. With her strong character and values, she did not give in to temptation and ended her engagement with Timothy. This Tuesday, May 14, the young woman gave an interview to Sam Zirah for his show In complete privacy which is broadcast on YouTube. During this interview, the young woman mentioned many subjects, including obviously that of Temptation Island. Salomé also made a big revelation concerning the contracts of the candidates on the show.

Different contracts for candidates

Salomé first revealed that swim thongs were banned by production. Sam Zirah then thought that it was to avoid blurring certain images on the air, but the young woman does not have this version of things… “ On the other beach (that of the boys, editor’s note), they have some and that’s all they have. They are so much in thongs that sometimes you feel like there are no panties. I am not a temptress so I do not have a temptress contract”, she explained. Obviously, couples and tempters do not have the same contracts.

“I’m not supposed to see his private parts”

Subsequently, Salomé said: “It already happened to me in a campfire ceremony where I asked to stop the video because this temptress, I could see her crotch. I’m not supposed to see his private parts. » The young woman is most certainly referring to the face-to-face encounter she had with Mako, Timothy’s closest temptress. Salomé wanted to see her to get her version of the facts about the relationship she had with her fiancé. It was from this moment in particular that she decided to end her five-year affair.

Salomé reveals her breakup with Timothy

Finally, the W9 candidate made revelations about her breakup with Timothy and their return to France. I take all my things, I put everything in a room in Montparnasse and I leave Paris. I only take my clothes, I leave everything. I still have my family, I still have my health but I have lost all my projects, everything I envisioned. We still had an apartment with two bedrooms for a baby project, after the wedding project , she revealed. Between them, it’s over!



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