This author from Orne victim of a computer bug: his book disappears

This author from Orne victim of a computer bug: his book disappears
This author from Orne victim of a computer bug: his book disappears


Romain Michel

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May 15, 2024 at 5:33 p.m.

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“I experienced it like an amputation. » At the end of November in La Carneille (Orne), it is a particular event which will strike the writer, Jean-Pierre Manesse-Dupont. Quietly seated at his desk, the man finishes writing the first volume of La vibration, his 24th work.

“The book was almost finished. I was at my last reread“, remembers the person concerned.

A live computer bug for the writer

When suddenly the machine jams and no longer works: a computer bug. The screen, put to sleep, does not restart and remains hopelessly stuck. “Blank pages opened with Chinese characters,” asks Jean-Pierre Manesse-Dupont.

By reflex, he asks for help from a computer scientist friend.

several days of research and reflection, we must face the facts, his year-long work is lost.

“My typescript was siphoned off live, under my eyes. All my saves became unusable. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. »

Titanic work over three months

For ten days, he did not rewrite, “the time of mourning. » Then passion takes over and the desire returns to him. He starts writing again, the draft still present in his mind,

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It was alive, inside me. A book is like a tree. I knew the progression, that is to say the trunk, but then I still had the writing work to do, that is to say the branches.

Jean-Pierre Manesse-Dupont

He begins rewriting, a new action for him. He reconstructed his book in three months, “a work of titan. » If the first version contained 224 pages, the second has 230 pages. “Today, there is no more pain,” assures Jean-Pierre Manesse-Dupont.

However, the author learned the lessons from his previous misadventure: “now, I save every day. »

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