Joëlle Smets, the Belgian sexologist and author of the book “The Sexual Power of Women”, answers questions from our readers

At a time when sexual liberation seems acquired, too often the woman’s desire comes second to that of the man. Women sometimes neglect their own sexuality in favor of that of their partner. “The sexual power of women”, the book by sexologist Joëlle Smets, intends to show all the sensual feminine potentialities and invites women to (re)take the reins of their sexuality. On the road to the “erotic revolution”!

Always with a touch of humor, in writing that goes straight to the point but without ever sinking into vulgarity, Joëlle Smets takes us on a journey into the mysteries of female desire: orgasm, clitoris, fantasies, masturbation, pornography, everything goes there.

Orgasm, fantasies… We read the book by Joëlle Smets, the Belgian sexologist who wants to lead women towards the “erotic revolution”!

She will be in our studio on May 30 and will answer questions from our readers. Without taboo.

Would you like to ask Joëlle Smets a question? Send us your questions to… Do you want to remain anonymous? No problem, just mention it and we undertake to respect your request.



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