Children’s literature: 9 albums to experience the adventure

Children’s literature: 9 albums to experience the adventure
Children’s literature: 9 albums to experience the adventure

Up at dawn, going to bed after everyone else, a mother has everything of a giant. Indestructible, capable of handling everything, organizing everything, repairing everything… A mother doesn’t waver. It can’t.

But sometimes, a giant can also feel overwhelmed, tired, drowning…

But that doesn’t matter since it is and will always be there.

A beautiful, tender and gentle album like Julie Jaumot’s watercolor illustrations. A beautiful tribute a few days before Mother’s Day.

Julie Jaumot, Éditions Bande à part, 4 years.

“There is a nightmare in my closet”, by Mercer Mayer (****)

A real Proust madeleine for all forty-year-olds, this album released in 1968, the translation of which France discovered in 1980, tells the story of a little boy frightened by the dark and convinced that a monster lives in his closet.

Rather reckless, the kid waits feverishly in the dark for the nightmare in question to show up to draw his cap gun. The situation then takes a surprising turn.

A text which has not aged a bit and which benefits from a large format reissue.

Mercer Mayer, Gallimard Jeunesse, 3 years old.

“The crazy escape”, by Sandrine Bonini and Merwan Chabane (**)

Everything contrasts Tessa and Matéo: she is perfect (perfectly styled, dressed, perfectly perfect in class…), while he is not always polite, always disheveled, always disheveled…

But one day, thinking about participating in the new escape room, they will find themselves involved in a affair that far exceeds their imagination.

A thrilling adventure if not highly original, led by two endearing heroes.

Sandrine Bonini and Merwan Chabane (ill.), Seuil Jeunesse, 9 years old.

“Rêveries”, by Sandrine Kao (***)

After Wonders And After the waveswe dive back with pleasure into the cottony universe of Sandrine Kao.

The poetry is always there and passes through characters of a cuteness that we cannot resist. Certainly, at times, Sandrine Kao loses us a little, but it is to better catch up with us a few pages later.

Our only regret: a somewhat complex read for young children who, once old enough to be charmed by the texts, will perhaps be a little out of step with the illustrations.

Sandrine Kao, Grasset Jeunesse, 5 years old.

“Ourse cyclette”, by Sandra Le Guen and Maurèen Pavoinec (****)

It’s a strange weekend that awaits Juno, Majé and James: their parents will enjoy a little romantic getaway while they spend some time with their cousins.

On the menu, a crazy bike ride, camping, learning and lots of tenderness and kindness.

A surprising album where we think it’s about a meeting between children and a family of bears…

A great discovery.

Sandra Le Guen and Maurèen Pavoinec (ill.), Little Urban, 4 years old.

“Our houses”, by Élise Peyrache (****)

A group of cousins ​​find their favorite place during the holidays. The opportunity for the kids to taste a rare and precious freedom but above all to draw up plans for an extraordinary house in a majestic tree.

Everyone has their own space and can enjoy a certain tranquility, but everyone experiences great adventures together that any kid would dream of.

A great album full of surprising cuts and which already smells of holidays.

Élise Peyrache, Saltimbanque, 7 years old.

“Missed”, by Antonin Faure (****)

The worm would like to eat the apple but the titmouse covets the worm while she herself is in the weasel’s crosshairs…

In a game of cat and mouse, who will be the smartest? Who will be unlucky or in the right place at the right time?

An album where nature abounds, where the secondary characters sometimes play the leading roles and where the chain reactions end well.

Antonin Faure, Les Éditions des Éléphants, 3 years.

“Azalea: the encounter”, by Laure Monloubou and Assia Ieradi (****)

Azalée is a curious elf who lives with her grandpa, a great connoisseur of nature, on an island never before visited by humans.

But during an eventful walk, Azalée will cross paths with a strange creature that the curious little girl would like to know better, despite the danger she represents…

A sparkling new heroine in a colorful universe that encourages discovery. A case to follow.

Laure Monloubou and Assia Ieradi (ill.), Amaterra, 6 years old.

“Fall 8 times, get up 9”, by Frédéric Marais (****)

In the trenches, in 1915, Eugène, a Parisian recently called up for war, was shot in the head. Miraculously, he emerges with a steel jaw and new teeth. He, the boxer, will have to fight a new fight to find the ring and his gloves.

Drawing freely on the life of Eugène Criqui, Frédéric Marais delivers a powerful album about courage and resilience. His candid illustrations carry an inspiring narrative.

Frédéric Marais, HongFei, 8 years old.



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