A new lease of life for the book-disc Libertad, a tribute to Astor Piazzolla?

A new lease of life for the book-disc Libertad, a tribute to Astor Piazzolla?
A new lease of life for the book-disc Libertad, a tribute to Astor Piazzolla?

Dear friends, subscribers, listeners, readers,

Dear booksellers, record dealers, journalists and columnists,

Dear colleagues and colleagues,

Dear audience,

Unfortunately, many of you are asking us for news regarding the marketing and availability of our latest publication. LIBERTAD – Astor Piazzolla, the astonishing journey of a free man », book initially published in December 2020 by Parole editions to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the famous Argentinian composer.

Also, after very long months of waiting, bogged down in unbearable administrative and legal procedures, we officially inform you with these few lines that from this day on our work will no longer be marketed in traditional sales channels.

Indeed, for almost two years, despite the legal clauses in force relating to the publishing sector on the one hand, and the transfer contract previously signed with Parole editions on the other hand, our author/publisher relations have been gradually deteriorated mainly due to the non-existence of continued marketing of our title, the absence of distribution, the lack of distribution of our work and consequently the sporadic then permanent immobilization of stocks.

The situation could no longer continue. However, we owe you an explanation because many of you wrote to us to tell us that it was impossible to order our publication, which was indeed the case. Unfortunately, we had no power over an editorial situation that had gotten out of control, without our knowledge.

Publishing such a work in homage to Astor Piazzolla was a real opportunity, a gigantic challenge that we took on with passion and exaltation. It is therefore both extremely disappointed but also relieved and appeased, that we have finally – through the termination of our publishing contract and the balance of the remaining stock – regained control of all of our rights to this colossal work for which we have invested without counting , the fruit of many years of research and work.

Of course, we could here invoke the gods who attack day after day a cultural sector that is ever more weakened, even in agony despite certain appearances, castigate a very unstable social context at the national, European and global level…

We would rather say that this project did not hatch at the best time, which still leaves us with hope for a future rebirth, that of a piazzollian phoenixcarrying again and again, further and stronger, the essential values ​​of art and culture.

In any case, this is all we hope for so that the work of the immense Astor Piazzolla can be increasingly disseminated and appreciated, so that the story of this extraordinary man can be known to all, so that Astor Piazzolla stays forever an example of tenacityaudacity, perseverance, authenticity, in a world where we too often lose our bearings and where the dissemination of the most beautiful human values ​​remains a duty because it is up to us at the very least to guarantee our children the right to dream of better world.

A work hailed by the national and international press for its atypical form, by Radio France and FIP, as well as by numerous French and foreign radio stations, Coup de Cœur Prize from the prestigious Académie Charles Cros in 2021, the LIBERTAD project has also benefited under the auspices of the Astor Piazzolla International Foundation of Buenos Aires as well as the composer’s family for its unique character and historical contribution.

Although several avenues are currently being studied, we remain at your disposal and listening to any suggestions that could lead us to a new enthusiastic publisher or to a literary agent wishing to support us with this new page which opens and on which everything remains to be written, that of a new life For LIBERTADin another form but still just as captivating!

“Reality sometimes quenches hope. This is why, against all odds, hope survives.” René CHAR

See you soon.


Marielle GuyPianist, Sébastien Authemayou, Bandoneonist,



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