“Mask Singer”: 400,000 euros per season… a PAF star reveals the salaries of Kev Adams and Inès Reg

Top start for the new season Mask Singer. Exit the thirteenth edition of Dance with the stars, TF1 has decided to continue with the broadcast of another cult program. Since May 3, the episodes of the show also presented by Camille Combal follow one another on the first channel… to the delight of viewers.

This year, fans were lucky enough to find Kev Adams and Chantal Ladesou among the members of the jury. The two accomplices are now accompanied by Laurent Ruquier and Inès Reg, a personality who has caused a lot of ink to flow since her clash with Natasha St-Pier behind the scenes of DALS.

As we might expect, the show which consists of unmasking celebrities causes a lot of reaction. And this, even on Cyril Hanouna’s set. This Monday, May 13, 2024, the PAF troublemaker and his columnists have indeed made the decision to discuss Mask Singer. The opportunity for them to reveal the salaries of investigators.

According to Guillaume Genton, Kev Adams would be the highest paid on the show. It is important to remember that the 32-year-old comedian has been present since the first season of the show. In office since 2019, he would then receive 400,000 euros per edition. “ We are at 50,000 euros per bonus“, he clarified.

For her part, Chantal Ladesou would be second on the podium of the best paid investigators with a salary of 150,000 euros. Furthermore, Laurent Ruquier would receive 100,000 euros. And to finish, Inès Reg would be at 90,000 euros.

An international star soon in Mask Singer

After revealing the salaries of the members of the jury of Mask Singer, Guillaume Genton also mentioned the international star that aficionados will have the chance to find on set during the next bonus. Unfortunately, he did not wish to give further details.

However, Cyril Hanouna’s protégé did not fail to say more about the character of this one. “ We are at 50,000 euros per bonus“. And to conclude: “ Frankly, I don’t think many people know about her here. She’s smashed to the ground“. To be continued…



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